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World’s largest dog show draws Vet students

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6-9 March 2008, Birmingham, UK — The relationship between dog breeders and owners and their vets is an important one, and the Kennel Club, as part of its aim to ‘make a difference for dogs’ is committed to helping this relationship flourish.

Recognising that vets generally see sick dogs in their surgery, or their textbooks in the case of students, the Kennel Club has established a program aimed at educating and enlightening veterinary students, by inviting them to visit Crufts and providing a much broader introduction to the world of dogs.

This year, over 500 students attended the show on one of the four days. Students arrived at the NEC, Birmingham from veterinary schools all over the country including Nottingham, Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Royal Veterinary College after receiving a grant from the Kennel Club to help with travel costs. In addition to this, students received a show guide at the event, as well as a book on genetics and dog breeding.

Mr Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club and Professor Steve Dean welcomed those students visiting the show on Saturday and Sunday and provided them with some essential background on the show, the Kennel Club and discussed the role of the veterinarian.

Feedback from the students has been very positive – a student from Nottingham Veterinary School commented that: “It was very interesting to ge to meet the various breeds in Discover Dogs, and it was noted by myself and a member of another vet school that it was a much more constructive way of learning the different breeds compared to looking at a poster.”

Another, from the University of Cambridge said: “It was a really educational day that gave me an insight into the world of showing that I had no idea of previously. I hope that it will be beneficial when I come to qualifying and give me a better grounding from which to approach owners who I know show or are looking to show their animals. It was really rewarding and I am very grateful to the Kennel Club.”

Speaking on behalf of the Kennel Club, Caroline Kisko commented, “We were really pleased we were able to offer these budding vets the chance to be a part of such a world-renowned event like Crufts. Being able to get a first hand look at the show is something we hope will benefit these students in years to come and as such help us maintain a strong link between the Kennel Club and the vets of tomorrow”.

by The Kennel Club Press Office

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