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What Your Need To Know About Your Pet And Home Renovation

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Jen Fortney

Home renovations are exciting and new. However, it can be a time of stress, though all the hard work eventually pays off. If you have a pet, home renovations can become dangerous, as well as upsetting for your precious pooch. Here are a few helpful hints to keeping your dog safe and secure during your home renovations!

First, if you have decided to hire workers to renovate your home, you will need to consider your pet’s reaction. If your pet tends to be overtly protective of your home and family, you will most likely want to take a moment to introduce your pet to the workers to assure them that the workers are nice and there is no one or no thing to be afraid of. Show them that the workers are good people, not bad people and that they are there to help.

A major aspect of home renovation that is sometimes difficult for pets to adjust to are the loud noises that almost always comes with construction work on your home. Hammering, sawing, and banging are constant sounds that can be upsetting to your pet. The best thing to do is t place your pet in a smaller space (such as a laundry room or office) with their bed, a comforting blanket, and a few of their favorite toys. Don’t forget to periodically check in on them and give them comfort to assure your pet that everything is all right and that you have not forgotten about them. If the weather is nice outside and you have a securely fenced in backyard, you may want to put your pet outside for part of the day. There, the noise should not be quite so loud and upsetting.

Because the safety of your family and pets are of the highest priority, be sure to be on the lookout for hazards around the house once the workers go home. There can often be nails, sharp objects and projections lying around that could easily injure you or your pet. Other hazards include paint (wet or dry), power tools, paint remover or thinner, wood stain, sawdust, minerals, tape…almost anything!

Bare wires and electrical cords are also often present during reconstruction. These cords and wires certainly pose a threat of shocking or possibly even electrocuting your pet if they are chewed on or even touched. You can either find something to cover such spots, or investing in baby gates to block off the construction areas may be your best option.

The best way to care for your pet during home renovations is to consider your pet, and put yourself in their paws. Try to see what they see, and consider what may be interesting or intriguing to them. If you plan on extensively renovating your home, you may want to consider renovating one room or space at a time; this will make it easier on you, your family, and your pet. It is easier to stay out of one room instead of a whole floor. Though it may take longer, the safety of your family and pet is well worth the time spent!

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