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What is that? It’s a ferret.

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by Jim Worthington

Ferrets can be extremely lovable pets. They just have that adorable face that makes you smile. Ferrets are so lovable, people of the world have been making them their pets going as far back as the ancient Greeks. Perhaps Socrates even had one. Even better, ferrets make great gifts to love ones; Queen Elizabeth I of England thought so. The first things I think of when I imagine a new pet are chores and added responsibility, but ferrets are actually very easily manageable.

But let’s get back to the real reason anybody is ever interested in a ferret. They’re just really cool looking. I think of a ferret as an exotic pet, even though millions of people have them. A ferret is just something you don’t see everyday. Dogs and cats are everywhere, hell it even rains cats and dogs at times. Ferrets are just cool, there is no doubt about it. When you’re friends come over and see this animal their going to have one of maybe two responses. First, “What is that?” or Second, “Is that a ferret?” These questions will be quickly followed by adjectives describing the ferret, such as Cool, Awesome, Crazy, How Cute!

What’s most important to learn about ferret’s as a pet is this: They are like precious baby kittens that never grow up.

Like cats, ferrets are carnivores. However, ferrets need more protein in their diets, so substituting ferret food with cat food may not be a wise idea. Ferrets also enjoy the sweet tastes of fresh fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, raisins. These should be given as a treat and used sparingly. Even though ferrets are most active during dusk and dawn, they easily adapt to any owner’s schedule. Cool thing about ferrets is they love to sleep. They can sleep all day. But watch out when they get up. They are just a bundle of energy and fun when they are wide awake. Ferrets enjoy games of hide and seek, tag, and playful wrestling. Ferrets get along great with children, as long as they are handled correctly. Young children should not be left alone with a ferret. Young children tend to squeeze small creatures to the point of discomfort. Many times a small dog, even ferret may bite as a response.

For some reason, ferrets have been given a bad reputation as nippers. Nipping is like biting, but much softer. Most ferrets lack the jaw power to break the skin of a human if bitten. However, this does not mean a neglected ferret will not become a biter. If given the proper attention and patience, a ferret will rarely, if ever, bite a human. I must over emphasize that neglected and mistreated ferrets make bad pets. They do not just sit back with the cat attitude of, “Look at me.” Ferrets are very curious to their surroundings and are always on the prowl snooping around. With that said, many times ferrets’ curiosity get the best of them. Electrical cords and reclining chairs are a ferrets worse enemies. The obvious would be that ferrets can be electricuted when they chew on electrical chords, but many ferrets have been known to climb into the inner workings of a reclining sofa, only to be squashed to death when a person sits down on the sofa. Common sense is the best way to keep your home ferret-proof.

Ferrets are also known for their exploratory and gathering skills. Like little detectives they scurring around seemlingly in search of something. If there’s a hole in the wall, a ferret will definitely have to check it out. The temptation is too great for a poor lil’ ferret. He’s got to know what’s in that hole. And what happens to the items a ferret deems colllectable? Only a ferret knows for sure.

Lastly, like all pets, proper health care is needed in order to ensure a happy, healthy ferret. Ferrets do not smell, but it’s only common sense to know that if you fail to clean an animal’s cage, odors may linger. Besides, ferrets love to take baths, and are so small that it takes only a couple of minutes to fully groom a ferret. So remember, if you clean your ferret’s cage and bath him once in a while, your ferret will smell like peaches.

Jim owns Pet Ferret Secrets which helps others learn about pet ferret care.

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