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Tricks And Secrets To Keep Your Pet Comfortable During The Winter

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The cold winter months are fast approaching, if it hasn’t arrived already. Winter is the season for fun, family, the holidays, and cold weather. If you live in an area that has snow and ice, here are a few tips for caring for your pet during the cold winter months.

First, protection for you pet’s precious paws is essential. The cold and hard ground, particularly when snow or ice is present can cause your pet’s paws to become sore and cracked; sometimes, it can even cause their paws to bleed. There are several things you can do to help protect your pet’s paws. Oftentimes, the best option is to purchase puppy boots. These boots are made of water-resistant fabric on the exterior, and they usually have warm material such as fleece or flannel lining on the inside. They usually sport elastic cuffs around the top and Velcro underneath to ensure they stay on.

If your pet does not take to wearing booties, there is another option: grooming your pet’s paws. When it is particularly snowy outside, the ice and snow can easily cling to the hair between your pet’s paws and on their paw pads and ‘ankles’. Simply trim the hair to keep it short, this way they snow and ice will have nothing to hold on to. Also, keep your pet’s toenails trimmed short (but not too short). This can help prevent your pup’s paws from soreness. Finally, gently rub petroleum jelly on your puppy’s paw pads before and after they go outside. Doing this protects their paws from cracking and bleeding by providing a film of protective gel over the paws.

Winter nights are cold, especially if you like to keep your house somewhat cool, even in the winter season. Secondly, to help your pup remain warm and comfy at night, there are a few things you may want to consider. If your pet does not have a doggie bed, you may want to get one for your pooch this holiday season. Doggie beds are built so your pet can snuggle warmly at night in their soft fabric bed. You can also buy your pet a throw or a fleece blanket. When you put your dog to bed at night, simply toss the blanket or throw over their body, and it will help keep them warm.

Another option to purchase puppy pajamas. It may sound silly, but flannel pajamas for dog’s can really help keep them insulated and warm. Also, if your dog tends to shed, this is a great option, because it contains the shed hair within the garment until you wash it. This is great because then you won’t have pet hair all over your couch, on your bed, or other warm places in your house that you don’t want covered in pet hair.

Help keep your pet warm and protected from the winter elements this holiday season. Consider purchasing winter wear such as water-resistant booties, puppy pajamas, or even a coat or jacket. A doggie bed and pet throw or blanket can also go a long way. Remember, investing in your pet’s comfort is investing in your pet’s happiness. It is well worth the cost!

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