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Treating The Parrot’s Cage Like A Home

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by Dalvin Rumsey

There are a lot of people today that want a parrot for a pet but there are also many that do not know how to take care of one. There are many problems that can appear when you want to take care of a parrot properly. The biggest problem costs in not providing to our new feathered friend with a proper house. Choosing a cage for a parrot seems to be very difficult because not many people realize that parrot’s needs are very complex.

There are more and more parrot’s owners that complain about different problems that appear to their new pet. There are indeed a lot of behavioral problems that can appear to a parrot but most of the times they have one cause: an unfitted cage to witch the parrot tries to accommodate but of course in vane. Here are some of the problems that can appear: feather plucking, phobic behavior, screaming and even biting and aggression.

We must understand that the cage is in fact the pet’s new home. How would you feel if someone will take you and put you in an unfitted home? Not good anyway. So is the parrot: if he doesn’t like he’s new cage he will complain all the time. These situations will surly bother you for a long time since a parrot’s life can reach even 40 years.

We must have in consideration the needs of a parrot and we must give him the much comfort we can. The cage is the parrot’s home. In his home he must have his water bottle, his bowl of food and his toys. The first thing we must do if we want to provide a comfortable home to our parrot is to buy him the largest cage there is! Some of us don’t understand that parrots are in fact birds and they must stretch their wings! A little cage will not give him this chance. So if you see your parrot under stress you must understand that there is something wrong with his cage.

Even if it is true that you must fit the cage’s dimensions with the specie of the parrot you have, my advice to you is to get the largest cage there is without regarding your parrot’s specie. You may ask why? Let me give you an example: there are a lot of people that have parrots as pets. Although they are a small specie parrots are very playful. You will not see your pet sitting even for a second. For you to provide them the playground they want you must take them a large cage even they are small birds.

Think for a minute that your bird will stay in his new cage at least 20 hours alone! I calculated here the night hours when he sleeps and the 8 hours you are at work. In these conditions he must have a very comfortable cage. Why is the cage important you may ask? Why can’t we let the bird free within the house or why can’t we let the cage’s door open? Well, that is the biggest mistake one can make! There are a lot of reasons why a cage is very important:

– First of all a parrot needs different textures as well as different diameters to be orientated.

– Then if you will let a parrot loss he will immediately go to the highest point in the room and just sit there. In this way he will think he is in control over his flock and territory.

– Also if he was to be free he will not play with his toys. You will not have a playful pet. So, to be sure he gets all the exercises he needs to develop his feet and his legs muscles properly you must get him to play with his toys and play pan. This is possible only when he is in a cage

When buying a cage take in consideration beside your bird’s dimensions, that inside that cage you will have to put also all kinds of toys, at least three bawls and a swing. Also do not be tempted to buy a round cage because this shape will get your parrot psychological problems. Also you must know that the vast majority of commercial parrot products are not made to be attached to a round surface.

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