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Top 10 Pet Stories of the Year

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I stumbled upon this ‘top 10’ and just HAD TO feature it here on our blog. The article was written by Geri and featured on

Here are the highlights of the article:


10) Shepherd Rescues Crash Victim by the Collar
“A stray German Shepherd dragged a bloodied woman up to the highway, and let her lean against him so she could flag a passing motorist, after her car careened down an embankment 50 yards distant. The dog, renamed HERO, was taken to a shelter where numerous people wanted to adopt it. A dog trainer has agreed to see if he has the right stuff for search and rescue work.”

9) Dog Saves Owner from the Same Fire Twice
An abused stray dog adopted by an Idaho City resident turned out to be twice a hero, saving Candace Jennings a second time from a raging house fire in the middle of the night after Jennings risked her life to go back into the home to get keys belonging to other people.

8) Cat Saves Entire Family From Poisonous Gas
A 14-year-old Indiana cat saved a family whose home was filling with deadly — though odorless — carbon monoxide while they slept. In the middle of the night, Winnie the wonder cat jumped up and down wildly, while screeching madly, to spur the family into action. Their son was already unconscious, while the mom through her dizziness reached the phone to dial 911.

There are 7 more….
7) Dog Saves Woman’s Life With Heimlich Maneuver
6) Firefighters Rally to Save Exhausted Horse From Mud Pit
5) Cat Walks 4 Months to Return to Owner
4) Jessica the Hippo, A Most Unusual Family Pet (click here for the video)
3) Cat Senses Final Hours of Elderly Patients
2) Golden Retriever Nurses Stray Kitten
1) Cat Sniffs Out Cancer in Owners Breast


Author: Vera Lang

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