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Be a Responsible Dog Owner: How to Avoid Dog Bites

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The onset of a dog bite or attack brings harmful consequences to your family. If your dog bites someone, you may be forced to pay for injuries cause by the bite or even defend yourself against a lawsuit. Your property insurance bill may also increase which affects your household budget. Some neighborhoods have even drafted […]

Putting a Stop to Your Puppies Chewing and Nipping Habits

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by Joann Henry Dogs are naturally primitive creatures. Thankfully, they adapt easily and can be trained with little effort, making it possible to share our homes with our favorite four-legged friends and still maintain our standards of order and cleanliness. Teaching your puppy to behave properly is a huge responsibility and may seem much more […]

Why treat training is not the most humane way to train a dog

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By Ty Brown I am a professional dog trainer. I make my living training dogs for clients, helping them solve behavior problems, and teaching their dogs obedience. I want to provide my clients the best service possible and as such I often check out what my competitors are doing in their dog training efforts. I […]

Click Training Video: Even a Child Can Train Your Dog

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By Lorenzen Katia As odd as it may sound, the click training video in the field of dog training is not exactly for the dog; it’s for the dog trainer. Obviously, the dog won’t pop the video into the player and take down notes. This instructional material is for the trainers. And it is not […]