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Have Your Own Business As Pet Sitters

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Pet sitting can be a rewarding job but can also be tiring. If you are interested in making your own business as a pet sitter, here are answers to most frequently asked questions about this career. 1. What does a pet sitter do? What is he/she responsible for? Pet sitters care for your pet just […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -II

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Continuation of Part I of the article by Nedda Wittels: “While Traveling” Technique Each day while traveling, you can communicate with your animal friends, sending love, reassurance, and updates (mental postcards) about your trip. You will probably find this is a relaxing moment for yourself. Your animals will appreciate your daily contact. * Lie on […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -I

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Does your cat ignore you for the first 24 hours after you return from a trip? Does your dog or bird stop eating while you are gone? Do animals that normally get along begin to fight? Do they start to get upset when your suitcase comes out? Do you worry about them when you have […]

Steps to Choosing a Dependable Pet Sitter

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Choosing the right pet sitter to care for your animals while you’re away can be a very difficult decision. Reining Cats and Dogs, a Raleigh pet sitter is pleased to provide pet owners with a series of topics to research potential pet sitters to help in the pet sitter interview process. We encourage you to […]

Train Your Cat For Vacations

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When you are going on a vacation or taking your cat out for a length of time you will want to have the cat trained to ride in a car or vehicle so that the cat is not jumping all over and over the seats. Purchasing a pet carrier will be the first thing that […]