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Healthy Dog Food Recipes

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Feeding your dog requires your attention. For sure, you only want to give your pet the best possible care. Each breed of dog needs to follow a certain diet to keep them strong and healthy. And so you need to provide healthy dog food recipes for them. Here are good suggestions: Boston’s Best Cream PieGreat […]

Dog Allergy – Treatment And Prevention

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By Dermot Condell We know enough to care for our skin and keep dermatitis at bay. Just as in humans a dog allergy can be very painful and uncomfortable. A dog allergy can be extremely trying for both dog and owner. Unlike dogs, we look after our allergies, mainly because we are able to. It’s […]

Getting Ready For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit

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By Andrea Austin How To Teach Your Children The Proper Care For Your Pet Rabbit! Children are naturally innately drawn to cute, cuddle-y little creatures, and they will probably want to pick up, stroke and play with your new pet rabbit. But while this may be tempting, it’s potentially quite dangerous — both to the […]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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By Emma Snow Obesity is on the rise for canines. The reasons for this influx are similar to those that humans experience, too much food and too little exercise. The results of obesity are similar for your canine friends too. Studies reveal that 25% of overweight dogs experience severe joint problems. This effects there daily […]

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

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By Drew Pilton Some cat owners make the mistake of preventing their cat from eating grass. There are various reasons for this, one being that they think it makes their cat ill or upsets their stomach. This is an incorrect assumption and in fact the eating of grass followed by regurgitation is a perfectly natural […]

How to Choose an All Natural Homemade Dog Food

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With so many issues about commercial dog food, more and more pet owners are now switching to all natural homemade dog food. Homemade dog food is not only safe but also healthy. Choosing and preparing your own dog food are relatively easy if you know how. Here are some useful tips: Before switching to all […]

Diet For Dogs — It’s Easy

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Diet For Dogs — It’s Easy While the raw diet for dogs is becoming a more and more popular topic among dog owners lately, it’s really not anything new as many pet owners might think. It has gained a renewed awareness and found its way into the spotlight recently due partly to the many recalls […]