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How To Teach Your Parrot Not To Bite

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Learning how to teach your parrot not to bite is one of the most important skills for a pet parrot owner. However it takes a lot of time and commitment. Given the right circumstances, parrots can learn a lot of things because they are intelligent birds. Repetition will teach your bird to stop biting and […]

How to Teach Your Parrot to Talk

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By Zevs Borealis The quickest and most effective way to teach your bird to speak is to understand how birds learn speech. If you utilize the bird’s natural inclinations and abilities, teaching your pet will be a much more enjoyable experience for both you and the bird. In the wild, parrots are most vocal during […]

How To Take Care Of Your Pet Parrot

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by Naldo Camarones Parrots make wonderful family pets because they are great companions, they are beautiful birds with colorful feathers and you can teach them to talk. But you must have a strong level of commitment to your parrot because he will need daily and weekly maintenance, as well as plenty of attention. What a […]

Essential Guide to Buying The Best Pet Parrot !!

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All bird lovers listen up!! Do you know how many bird species are there in the world? Answer: Over 9000 species. And out of which the parrot group itself consists of about 330 species and are particularly popular with pet owners. If you are also thinking of keeping a pet parrot, read below for the […]