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The Business of Horses – How Much is a Pedigree Worth?

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Often we hear from a seller that his horse has so and so in its background and that the horse is worth more money because of that. But is that really true? All horses come with a pedigree, whether they are good or bad but when we sell that animal, who is on that pedigree […]

Horseback Riding Tips – The 5 Fundamental Horseback Riding Tips Every Horse Rider Should Know

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There are always some kind of hints or tricks that can make something that might seem so difficult end up seeming so easy. There are gardening tips for those with a black thumb, there are cooking tips for those who aspire to have their family not run when you say that dinner is ready and […]

Selecting A Horse – Choose The Breed Carefully

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by Lynn Walls Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. Just like owning any pet, you should put a great deal of thought and consideration before you decide to purchase an equine. Since most individuals will have to house horses off their property, you should first consider finding a suitable stable before you purchase a […]

Horses – What is Good Conformation?

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By Ron Petracek Conformation – the way a horse is put together – will determine not only how sound a horse remains throughout his life, but will also determine to what extent he will excel at his particular discipline. While some points of conformation vary with the type of horse and what job he is […]