Saturday, September 18, 2021

Do Not Feed Your Cat Dog Food

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Some dogs steal cat food and the other way around.  Even you yourself may on occasion have thought: If dog and cat food looks kind of the same, would it be alright if I’d swap ‘m?  The clear answer is: nope. Do not feed your cat dog food, and this is why: They are different […]

Your Dog’s Water

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by Daniel Moore Think that finding a good, high-quality dog food is important? All of the beneficial ingredients that go into dog food will not help your dog if he it is not drinking enough water. Water is the body’s most important nutrient. Adult dogs’ bodies are 60% water, and a puppy’s is 84% water. […]

Make Your Own Dog Food With Only All Natural Ingredients

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The call for a more natural no preservatives and no additives canine food has increased over time ever since it was discovered that some brand name dog foods might be harmful to our dog’s health – causing the onset of the of most diseases. Now the choice to make your own dog food is deemed […]