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Sphynx – The Facts Every Owner of this Cat Breed Should Know

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By Robert Benjamin

In 1966 in Canada, a Domestic Shorthair gave birth to a liter of kittens with a naturally occurring mutation of hairlessness.

Canadian Sphynx - photo by Piret Pamm

This liter became the ancestors of today’s Sphynx, created through inbreeding and crossbreeding over time. Interestingly, the same genetic mutation that causes hairlessness in a Sphynx is the same mutation that causes the curly and sometimes nearly absent coat in a Devon Rex. Oftentimes, a Devon Rex is inbred to strengthen the gene pool of the Sphynx. A Sphynx, sometimes referred to as a Canadian Hairless, is not always totally hairless; many have a fine downy coating. However, a Sphynx is the color of his skin, not his ‘fur’. Contrary to popular belief, a Sphynx is not a truly hypoallergenic cat, particularly if he has a peach fuzz coating.

All Sphynx will still produce some amount of dander, the usual culprit for causing allergic reactions. However, most people with cat allergies find they are able to tolerate a Sphynx. This breed of cat is very hearty and healthy, despite its almost sickly appearance. They are muscular and slightly larger than the average cat, but do require special care due to their lack of a coat.

A Sphynx will become colder more easily than the average cat and requires the occasional bath, as they have no hair to absorb naturally occurring oils in the skin. They are also more prone to sunburn and heatstroke since they lack a protective covering. A Sphynx is a very patient and adaptable cat, making them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers and those with children or other pets. They are loyal to their families and enjoy their attention and company, which includes playing with them.

Thanks to a careful breeding program, the Sphynx breed does not suffer from any major medical concerns beyond normal health care.

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