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Simple Steps To Building Your Dog’s New House

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By Robert Michael

More than half of the population allows their dogs to stay inside their houses sleeping on the couch or their owner’s bed. Others prefer their dogs stay outside in dog houses. If you would like to build a dog house for your pet the following tips should help you get started.

1. Consider your dog’s size. Dog houses should have adequate space for the animal to comfortably move around. People like to have approximately 2 feet of air above them and there is a good chance dogs also enjoy having about that much space as well. Dogs and people tend to need about 1/3 of their standing height to feel comfortable. To calculate how much space will be needed for your dog’s house you should measure your dog while he is standing straight up, sitting, and most importantly measure his full length when he is most relaxed and outstretched. Keep in mind that your dog should be able to see out of the entrance while both sitting and standing. The entrance needs to be high enough that the dog does not have to hunch down or scrape his stomach on the bottom.

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2. Water and air should be able to flow under the dog house. Therefore be sure to raise it a couple inches off the ground. It is also important to make sure the dog’s house has adequate ventilation. This will help keep pests from making the dog house their home. This can be accomplished using a few small holes around the eaves. By installing a wind block inside the dog’s house, he or she will be able to use its own heat to warm the area when it is really cold outside. For additional protection against the elements you might consider adding a partial wall separating the entry room from the inner room. A soft pillow and warm bedding will also likely be much appreciated.

3. To keep the rain out of the dog’s house make the floor slanted a little toward the doorway. The roof on the other hand should be slanted in the other direction. Dog houses should also be well insulated.

4. It is not a good idea to build your dog’s house so that it faces the South or the West because most storms come from these directions in the United States. Dog houses should typically face East. This will also help keep cold air from blowing through past the entryway.

5. Your dog will appreciate a clean house. In order to make cleaning the Dog’s house easier try putting hinges on the roof.

If your dog lives outdoors he or she will appreciate a comfortable place to sleep and to get out of the cold. These tips should help you get started building your dog’s new house.

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