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Selecting Dog Toys Wisely

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If you haven’t realized it yet there has been a huge controversy this year with some children’s toys, and if you stop to think you will realize that dog toys are just as susceptible. Many of the dog toys sold in stores, especially in America have been made in China. This means that they can be harmful. The dog toy market is unregulated. This means that some of the toys could have harmful properties that will actually make your dog sick over time. It is important that you pay attention to were the toys are made and how they are made when choosing your dogs toys. Often we just find the dog toys we think our pet will love. We also let them choose some of the toys when we’re in the pet store. But you need to start paying more attention.

You should read the package of the dog toy to find out what it has been made of. Rubber, cloth, painted toys, and many other toys may have toxic properties. You may find that it is better to go to a specialty toy shop rather than a generic pet supply store. Lead has actually been used in the creation of dog toys. So you should be a little concerned about the dog toys you are buying. Here are a few toys that your dog may like, and they are probably pretty safe. Remember to check the label for its contents before purchasing these toys though.

You may think that rope is pretty harmless; however there are some rope toys that could actually harm your dog. A rope toy is usually made with a braided rope and two ends that have been knotted. When you are choosing this type of dog toy you will want to make sure the rope has not been colored. Rope that has been colored has a potential of having harmful chemicals in the synthetic making. In fact you are probably better off buying rope from a hardware store, like twine and making your own braided rope. If you are looking in a pet shop stay away from the brightly colored ropes that have been dyed. The color of the rope will not matter for the toy.

Fleece and Plush toys are one of any dog’s favorite toys. They love to bite them, catch them, and chew on them. Puppies are especially happy to have plush toys as it makes their gums feel better. Plush toys can also be harmful. While the synthetic material they are made out of may be okay in small doses leaving the dog to chew on a plush toy while you are not home can have disastrous effects. The dog can open up the toy and start chewing on the stuffing. It is best to only offer this toy when you are home and can watch them play with it. It is also a great toy for interaction.

There are rubber balls and rubber squeaky toys that can be okay to give to your dog. Keep in mind that you do want to know the ingredients just in case, but for the most part rubber unless eaten is pretty safe for your dog to chew on. Rubber balls or squeaky toys that the dog can chase are one of the most popular toys.

You can also buy rubber tug toys that have an elastic band in the middle. These are also safe toys to an extent. You don’t want to leave the dog alone with the toy to chew on, but a daily play time with this toy is usually enjoyable for both parties.

Author; Gerry Ronson

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