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Pet Health: Top Three Reasons Why Your Dog Should See The Vet Today

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Veterinary care can be one of the most expensive things about having a dog these days, and while most pet owners know how important proper medical care is, dogs have a tendency to mask their medical problems until they are full-blown. Not only does this create a threat to the very existence of your four-legged friend, but the veterinary care for emergency medical treatment is out of this world. To help ease the burden of emergency care on your pocketbook, here are a few reasons why your dog should see the veterinarian today.

They Are Behind on Their Vaccinations

If your pet is behind on their vaccinations, it may not seem like a big deal to you unless you have lost a pet from one of the illnesses that are normally vaccinated against. Parvo is one of the most devastating illnesses that a dog can get, and the symptoms associating them can be painful for your pet and for you to watch as well. While this is just one disease, it is part of a regular vaccination that most dogs receive in the first few months of their life, as a regular part of the routine vaccination package. Most canine vaccinations can be had for less than $20—nothing compared to the thousands of dollars that can be spent trying to save your little friend from an untimely death at the hands of one of these killers.

You may think your dog is healthy, but they can catch something through just simple motions of everyday life as a dog. Catching a rat and killing it can be deadly if they happen to be rabid, but if your dog has been properly vaccinated you won’t have anything to worry about except a potentially nasty mess.

They Are Very Old or Very Young

Elderly pets or infant pets are vulnerable to a great deal of diseases that pets in the prime of their life might not otherwise fall victim to. The bodies of very old or very young dogs have a tendency to not resist diseases and bacteria as well as they should, causing them to fall victim to a host of deadly diseases and infections that could threaten their life. Just because they are around and seem to be getting around okay does not mean they are healthy; get them seen by a vet today and put your mind at ease.

Your Dog is Pregnant or Nursing

If your dog is pregnant or nursing, it is vitally important that they see a veterinarian as soon as humanly possible. The nursing stage is a bit late for most dogs, as first time queens tend to have problems with labor and delivery, some of which can be potentially life-threatening.

If your dog is nursing, it is important to make sure that they are in top health so that they don’t pass on any potentially devastating illnesses to their young. Many illnesses are transmitted through bodily fluids, including mother’s milk, and getting your dog seen by a vet is a great way to make sure that both mother and babies stay in tip-top condition.

Many people think their dogs are indestructible, and they have a way of driving that assumption home. It is a known fact that dogs are people-pleasers and do well at masking symptoms of their illnesses, all to make your life easier. Such loyalty; don’t you think you owe it to your dog to have them seen by their vet as early and often as possible? It will do nothing but enhance the length and quality of your time together.

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