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Labradoodle Dog Breed

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by Gerry Ronson

Training should be for both a lab and poodle since they are mixed. You should be able to combine sport activity along with obedience. Labradors tend to be very energetic and without proper training they will continue to be disobedient because they would rather play. The poodle in them can make them a little anti social. You will find they are very easy to train for indoors, but consistent training and a firm hand is needed. You should always take your Labradoodle for walks daily to offer them plenty of opportunity to play and have fun. You will also find a medium yard is needed. They do not do well in condos or apartments. If you work during the day you should have them tied to a runner in the yard to let them explore and play. They require at least two hours of interaction such as walking, running, and playing with toys for the best health and happiness.

Have you ever heard of a Labradoodle? If not you will find the below information not only interesting, but you may convert to a new dog breed for your family. The Labradoodle is a hunting dog that is a cross between a poodle and a Labrador. You will find there are seven colors you can have with a Labradoodle. They can be chalk, cream, apricot, chocolate, cafÈ, or black and silver. You will also find they can be a mix of these colors. They are one of the most interesting breeds despite being a mixed breed. You will find they usually weigh between 25 and 90 pounds. They stand about 13- 22 inches from the ground making them a short dog.

You will find the Labradoodle is intelligent, intuitive, and very full of energy. They do very well as companions, but doesn’t make a service dog. In other words while they can be great hunting dogs they don’t make for good therapy dogs or seeing- eye dogs. They tend to have both a poodle and Labrador mentality making them very excitable. You will also find they can make a great family pet as long as they have been trained. They can be excessively energetic and sometimes don’t make the best pets for smaller children. Training as a puppy is very important to help them learn proper techniques and reign in the energy just a little. If you do train them properly they can be around children.

As long as you train your Labradoodle and offer plenty of affection and activities you will find them to be a great addition to your family. You should start of with a puppy, especially if you are planning on having children to help them adapt to the social requirements they will need to have. If you purchase an adult Labradoodle you may find it harder to train certain behaviors out of them, especially if they have had no formal training. Labradoodles are one of the most interesting breeds because they have been mixed. They are recognized as a breed by the dog association.

Care of the Labradoodle is fairly easy. They require regular brushing as the hair can become quite tangled. They have the poodle style coat, which means longer hair, rather than the Labrador coat which is usually short. In order to keep shedding down you will need to brush them. You should be able to clip them just once a year. You will also find this dog breed to be hypo- allergenic. In other words they tend to suffer from several allergies so they can have health problems due to respiratory issues.

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