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How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Hot Sun

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Summer is generally the time to have fun with your family and enjoy many activities together. Days are usually longer than usual and the children are out on vacation. The downside to this fun is that summer also ushers in a season of heat stroke, sunburn and exhaustion. This can threaten your family as well as your dog.

How to Protect Dog from Sunburns

Yes, dogs can also get burned by the sun! What then can you do to protect your dog? The first thing that you need to do is keep your dog away from the sun when it’s most intense.

Also you can apply some sun block to areas on your dog that are exposed the most; the tip of the ear as well as the nose.

I wouldn’t recommend applying sunscreen on your dog’s lips since there is a high chance that your dog will ingest it which can harm him. Thirdly, check if your pet has a lighter colored fur. If this is the case, the dog will be vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun just like humans. Should you notice that any part of of your dog’s skin becoming red, please seek the services of a vet

How to Protect Your Dog from Heat-Related Conditions

A few precautions can help protect your dog from exhaustion caused by heat as well as heat stroke.

First of all, its not a good idea to leave your dog in your car without turning on the air conditioner. A few minutes out in the hot sun can send the temperature inside your car soaring to fatal temperatures if the doors and windows are closed.

If you know you will be away for some considerable amount of time from your car, its best to leave your dog at home.

Secondly, make sure your dog is left in a well ventilated resting area that is constantly shaded regardless of the position of the sun. When the sun is hottest, the recommended place for your pet is an air conditioned structure.

The third tip is to ensure that your dog has constant access to clean and cool water. Have the water placed in a cool area that will not get warmed up as a result of direct sunlight.

Stagnant water can cause bacteria to thrive so do change it often. If the dog will be outdoors most of the day, give him a shaded wading pool filled with water. This will allow your pet to cool himself by jumping in and out of the water.

The fourth tip is to make sure that your dog is not in a situation that will have him stand on a sun-baked surface for long periods of time. Such surfaces include streets, beach sand and sidewalks, streets and beach sand.

What will happen is that the heat will burn the skin of your dog and can prevent your dog expelling heat from his body in an efficient manner

Treating a Dog Affected by Heat Stroke

Your dog can develop heat stroke if his temperature gets too high. Symptoms that show your dog suffering from heat stroke include excessive panting, pronounced fatigue, collapse, unconsciousness & seizures.

Should your dog show these symptoms, get him away from the heat and place him in a shaded area. Also, you can place the dog in a tub with cool water. Its not advisable to use cold water or ice on him as this will make the blood vessels of the dog to contract & prevent the animal from releasing heat from its body. When your dog shows signs of heat stroke, please seek the professional advise of a vet.

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