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How to Choose an All Natural Homemade Dog Food

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With so many issues about commercial dog food, more and more pet owners are now switching to all natural homemade dog food. Homemade dog food is not only safe but also healthy. Choosing and preparing your own dog food are relatively easy if you know how. Here are some useful tips:

Before switching to all natural homemade dog food, it is best to consult your vet and get some advice. You also have to understand the healthy diet requirements of dogs with regards to their breeds, age and other factors. Generally, dogs need 40% protein, 30% starch and 30% fiber.

Slowly switch to all natural homemade dog food. A sudden change in your dog’s diet may result to an upset stomach and other digestive problems.

Choose healthy fresh lean meat for your dog. Meat is the basic component of protein requirements of your dog. An all natural homemade dog food may contain lean meat like turkey, chicken, beef and fish. Kidney, liver and other organ meat are also good for your dog. Cook the meat before feeding it to your dog. Although dogs are carnivores, it is best to cook meat to kill the bacteria that may cause health problems to your dog.

Another source of all natural homemade dog food is the addition of vegetables to your dogs’ diet. Vegetables act as antioxidants and a good source of nutrients and vitamins. You can add cooked corn, squash, peas and potatoes. Raw carrots and lettuce are also good for your dog.

You also have to make sure that your dog is well hydrated and there is plenty of water available for your dog. Avoid feeding your dog with table scraps; it is not a good habit to teach your dog to eat leftovers.

Switching to all natural homemade dog food is not only cheap but it also ensures your dog’s health and safety. Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog homemade food.

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