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The Goldfish Versus The Beta

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Both the goldfish and the beta are popular choices for pets, and both are believed to be a low maintenance pet. So, which makes the better pet?

The goldfish is the most common pet in the world. It requires a tank, but never a just a small goldfish bowl or small container. Like all other fish, it requires oxygen, and the goldfish gathers oxygen from the surface of its home. Surface area is the important thing in providing enough oxygen for your goldfish.

Measure surface area by multiplying a tank’s length by its depth. For every inch of fish, you should have at least 30 square inches of surface area, and also take into consideration the fact that you’re fish will grow. Make sure to have plenty of room and surface area for your pet goldfish.

Goldfish commonly live at least ten years if cared for properly. They are omnivorous and will eat almost anything. It is recommended to stick with prepackaged fish foods, though. Feed the goldfish no more than it will eat in a few minutes. Leftovers pollute the tank, so it should be removed after feeding. Feed the fish several times per day instead of one big meal.

The ideal water temperature for a goldfish is anywhere from 50 degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so generally water at room temperature is fine. Tap water is also fine for goldfish, but be sure to let it sit over night so that the chlorine evaporates from it.

In summary, goldfish will be fine in a large, filterless tank with room temperature, dechlorinated tap water.

Betas are a very common fish kept as pets. The males are the more colorful ones, but never place more than one male in one tank. Betas are also referred to as “Siamese Fighting Fish,” and males will fight one another if kept in the same tank.

The lifespan of the beta is only two to three years, and as they are originally from a tropical climate, Betas need warmer water, preferably in the 80s. They will become listless when water temperature falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The water should also be neutral to slightly acidic pH, so be sure to check the pH regularly, and treat the water as needed.

Just like goldfish, Betas require plenty of surface area for oxygen. They have special respiration systems that require them to get oxygen from the surface, so be sure to house them in a large tank.

To sum up, Betas require special attention to their water. They’re okay in a filterless tank, but the water may need to be heated and treated for pH.

Bottom line – Both fish do not need filters for their tanks, though they do require plenty of surface area for oxygen. Goldfish are generally less maintenance as they require only room temperature, dechlorinated tap water. Betas require additional heating in most cases, and may also require regular treatments of the water for the required pH level.

Overall, goldfish are the hardier, lower maintenance pet that live a lot longer.

By Tonia Jordan
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