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Hardy Fish for a Beginning Aquarium

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By Cole Carson

Having an aquarium is a very rewarding, enjoyable experience. There are so many different kinds of fish, aquariums, and fillers out there that you can completely customize your own aquarium to you. Fish are fun to watch, and the soft trickling of water adds a wonderfully natural ambience to any room. They can, however, be a big responsibility, and some are much more high-maintenance than others. Those who are new to keeping a need to choose their fish carefully. Different species have different aquarium size requirements, cleaning requirements, temperature requirements, and eat different foods. When choosing fish for beginners, it’s a good idea to look for ones that don’t need a huge tank, have low-maintenance cleaning requirements, and are generally hardy. Below are a few choices that are ideal for any beginner and offer a lot of enjoyment.

One of the funnest and easiest to keep fish out there is called the White Cloud Mountain Minnow. This species is ideal for any beginner because they’re extremely hardy, and will eat just about any type of food. They are best suited for water temperatures between 55-75 F, though they’re most comfortable in water no lower than 65 degrees. It’s best to remember that White Clouds are schooling fish, and that they should be kept in schools of 3 or more. In fact, a small school (4-5 fish) can be kept in an aquarium as small as four gallons. They’re also very clean, meaning that keeping their water healthy and clear is extremely easy! White Clouds are also fun to watch, as they’re extremely fast swimmers that love to zip around a tank and play with each other.

Bettas, or Siamese Fighting fish as they are commonly known, are also great for the new aquarium enthusiast. These fish have a reputation as being extremely easy to care for, and although it is strongly recommended, they do not even require a filter. They are clean and need only usual amounts of cleaning for their aquarium, and can be kept in remarkably small tanks. Bettas are larger, colorful fish, and are great for decorative purposes. There is a lot of debate over how small an aquarium a Betta should be kept in humanely, but it is a fact that they will live longer in aquariums that are smaller. A good size tank for a sole Betta is about 2 to 5 gallons. It should also be noted that Betta are known for their aggressive personalities – sometimes they do not get along very well with other fish, and males cannot be kept in the same without attempting to kill each other. Bettas do require warmer water temperatures.

One of the most popular fish on the whole, Corydoras Catfish happen to be wonderful for beginners. These fish are among the most sociable and friendly kind you can put in your tank, and love to be in schools with each other as well as fish of other species. They grow to about one and a half inches long, making them perfect for aquariums of all sizes. It will need a heater, as Corys need water temps between seventy-two and eighty-two degrees. Feeding Corys is very simple, as most of the time they will search the bottom and feed on the leftovers of food from other fish. It is a good idea, however, to supplement their diet with a tropical snack every once in a while, and feeding them things like algae wafers can actually be an entertaining experience. In addition to a heater, your aquarium will need to be about 10 gallons for a school of three or four.

These fish are fun and easy for anyone looking to start up their very first aquarium. Choosing between any one of them is only a matter of specifications and personal taste, and each of them has their very own personality and charm. They are also hardy and forgiving, and you can find plenty of information on their care quite easily. Remember that when you’re looking to start up an aquarium to find what’s right for you, and pick fish that will work best in that environment.

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