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Get Your Dog To Listen to You – Start Obedience Training – Part II

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By Moses Wright

continuation from part I of this article: …

2. Consistency – It is important to have consistency in the course of training especially when correcting unwanted behaviors. Always use the same “command” for a specific task you require of your dog. Don’t confuse him by using different commands for the same task.

The minute you set the house rules for your dog, like keeping the bed or bed room out of bounds, stick to them constantly. If the dog learns that he can get away with breaking these rules now and then, your previous efforts will go down the drain.

Simple rules and regulations set earlier on should be followed religiously. It is extremely important to teach the dog what he can and cannot do and stick to it consistently. Confusion will only make matters worse. Last but not least, you have to communicate and make sure the whole family knows and enforce the house rules on your dog consistently.

3. Timing – Knowing when to correct behavior is essential. Praise your dog whenever he is doing something right. Offering your dog a small treat as a reward will work like magic for most dogs.

Do take him to task immediately whenever he does not respond to your command or behaves inappropriately. Delayed reprimands and praises will have no effect after the teachable moment has passed.

— tomorrow read part III of this article.

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