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Get Your Dog To Listen to You – Start Obedience Training – Part I

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Dog obedience training is important for every dog owner who wants to own, live and enjoy the company of an obedience dog. Obedience training not only allows your dog to listen and behave in the manner that is expected of him, it creates a bond that bring your communication and relationship to new heights.

Do train your dog early and a good time to begin training your dog is when he is about 8 to 10 weeks old. This is the period where they learn best and is a vital time for influencing your dog’s future behavior. It’s definitely easier to train a pup when compare to an older dog. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to train older dogs, you just have to correct his bad habits first and then teach him the proper ones.

There are many incidents where owners abandon their dogs at shelters because they cannot understand what their dog is up to. Dogs will start to display annoying behaviors such as chewing, barking and potty when and where they like, the worse case would be to display aggressive behavior towards the owners.

These incidents can be avoided if obedience training is implemented. Obedience training is a fundamental platform from which your dog and you will learn to effectively communicate with each other.

On top of that, obedience training can help to instill discipline in misbehaved dogs. It is one way of incorporating discipline in the dog’s behavior. Obedience training makes the dog realize that certain behaviors are not allowed and that he should not act that way. Done correctly, obedience training can regulate your dog’s behavior and he will be able to respond properly with the right behavior that is expected of him.

There are many dog owners who ask if it is advisable to enroll their dogs into obedience training school. In most cases, it can be much easier to have a professional trainer or an obedience school to teach both owner and his dog the proper way to follow a command. Nevertheless, if the dog owner feels that he is up to the job and has the ability to follow simple instructions, there is no special incentives or need to enroll into a dog training school. A helpful dog training guide is generally more than enough.

No matter where you choose to train your dog, at home or in a school, there are some universal dog training principles that never change and all dog owners should follow them strictly:

1. Fun and Reward – Effective obedience training is not about imposing strict rules and punishments. Your dog does not understand why he should listen to your commands in the first place. Therefore, in order for your dog to act and behave to what you want, the training session must be fun and rewarding for him.

Your dog will soon learn to do as he is commanded whenever he gets rewards or praises and he will find it an enjoyable experience as well.

2. Consistency – It is important to have consistency in the course of training especially when correcting unwanted behaviors. Always use the same “command” for a specific task you require of your dog. Don’t confuse him by using different commands for the same task.

The minute you set the house rules for your dog, like keeping the bed or bed room out of bounds, stick to them constantly. If the dog learns that he can get away with breaking these rules now and then, your previous efforts will go down the drain.

Simple rules and regulations set earlier on should be followed religiously. It is extremely important to teach the dog what he can and cannot do and stick to it consistently. Confusion will only make matters worse. Last but not least, you have to communicate and make sure the whole family knows and enforce the house rules on your dog consistently.

read tomorrow’s part II of this article.

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