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Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior

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Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior

Before you can tackle behavior problems, you need to know a little bit about cat behavior and what your cat is trying to tell you. There are so many fascinating ways that cats communicate with each other. Some of their methods are so subtle that we humans are not sensitive enough to understand what they are saying. Cats often use mild and controlled signs of body language. A minor flick of the tail or the slightest movement of the ears send messages that are worth a thousand words to another cat.

Many people believe that cats work on their own agenda, not paying much care to their owner – provided they’ve clean litter, food, and water. Cats may conduct in odd manners at times, which may easily confuse their owners and make it actually hard to determine what the cat wants. As much as cat behavior may be confusing, there are somehow that you may solve common cat behavior mysteries.

A common behavior that almost all cats do is push their heads into any type of object that will allow them to do it. You’ve probably seen your cat do this before, probably against table legs, TV stands, or another object. This may be detected more when you’ve others who own animals or those with allergic reaction* over at your home. When a cat detects this, he will rub his head against the person. In doing so, he will put a touch of saliva on the individual. In a cat’s mind, he owns what he puts his saliva on.

By putting his saliva on something, that object or person will have a familiar scent. While this may be very annoying, you’ve to understand that other people in your home are seen as odd or unusual to your cat. When a cat does this, he’s just trying to make the visitor belong. When he brushes up against them and puts his saliva on them, he’s trying to put his scent on them – which in his mind will mean that they belong in his territory.

Even though marking somebody or something with saliva is beneficial to the cat, saliva is one of the most common forms of pet allergic reaction*. When someone wipes the saliva off of them, the scent will be gone and the cat will go back and attempt to do it again. Even though it may appear that cats target those with allergic reaction*, cats are really just trying to make the visitor belong at the home. If the guest just can’t take the saliva, allow the cat to rub himself on their pants leg a few times. Generally, this is all takes for a cat to leave the person alone.

Those of you who an indoor cat should expect the cat to spend quite a bit of time lying near windows. During this time, you may hear your cat make very unusual noises or strange movements. You shouldn’t fear though, as he is just acting out his hunting instincts. Whether it’s another cat or object outside moving about, the cat will see it and just go into his native hunting instinct.

As most already know, cats love to play. They love to played with, specially with toys. They’ll swoop on things on occasion, which should always be expected. If you try to prevent this type of behavior, your cat will take a very negative approach and you’ll end up with several broken things in your house. You may always play with your cat using a string, as he will love to chase the string around the room.

The longer you own your cat, the more odd behavior you’ll see him exhibit. Cats behave in unusual ways, though they always have a reason for behaving the way they do. If you may understand why your cat behaves like he does, you’ll have no problems keeping him healthy and happy. If you just pay care to your cat and the way he behaves at times – you’ll be able to understand him better than ever before.

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