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Click Training Video: Even a Child Can Train Your Dog

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By Lorenzen Katia

As odd as it may sound, the click training video in the field of dog training is not exactly for the dog; it’s for the dog trainer. Obviously, the dog won’t pop the video into the player and take down notes. This instructional material is for the trainers. And it is not limited to dog trainers too; pet trainers, exotic animal trainers and wild animal trainers can also benefit from watching a click training video.

Click training is said to be the gentlest for of obedience training. It works primarily on the concept of operant conditioning — somewhat akin to the original work done by the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov at the turn of the 1900. In a nutshell, operant conditioning is when a stimulus is gradually introduced to an animal; later on that animal associates it with something either good or bad, and will perform accordingly.

The same principle can clearly be seen in each and every click training video. We will site dog training as an example. A command is usually given verbally to the dog. When the dog makes a small gesture that is almost the same as what the trainer wants it to do, it is given a treat (usually, a small piece of chopped food) plus a click from the clicker. As the training progresses, the dog soon associates one specific action on his part to receiving one treat and one click. Soon the dog associates the sound of the click as something positive and will perform one action accordingly.

Click training may sound like an easy way of training animals. That is true to some extent. Some pet owners can practice this form of training while walking their dogs or watching TV or simply spending time grooming their pets. In some reports, a dog can learn new behavior in less than 15 minutes of training.

However, training is a process. And sometimes, it takes more than just clicking and giving a dog a treat to make it learn a new behavior. That is the reason why many people opt to watch at least one click training video before subjecting themselves or their pets to training. An ill-advised training is almost as bad as cruelty as a form of discipline. It will make learning quite painful to your pet, and it may lose further interest or enthusiasm in any future project you may want to try.

Of course, there are a lot of these said videos on the World Wide Web. It takes very little research to find one click training video that will be suitable for you and your pet. You should definitely find one that can cater to your specific trainee: a dog click training video for your dog for example.

There are even videos made for a more specific type of animal; for deaf dogs for example, there is light flash training where the clicker is substituted with a more favorable mechanical light source. There are also instructional videos regarding click training geared to help ease aggression from fearful animals (especially those that came from shelters or rescued from cruel conditions.) The principle of training, however, remains the same for all these various types of instructional videos.

Aside from videos geared specifically for the trainee, there are also those geared for a specific group of trainers. An example of which is a click training video for children under the age of 15 who wish to practice dog training with their pets.

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Katia Lorenzen learned about click training when her dog was a puppy. And now she is pleased to tell you about the ultimate source of clickertraining information:

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