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Choosing The Right Diet For Your Horse

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If you’re a horse owner you will realise that keeping such animals can be an expensive proposition. You will therefore want to ensure that your horse is well looked after.

It is essential that you are providing your horse with all of the nutrition it needs to promote both good growth and healthy development. For almost all owners, a horse is something that you will invest a great deal of time and energy in, and in return it is going to be very loving and loyal to you. It is not enough to simply give your horse adequate nutrition – instead you must provide it with excellent nutrition.

Your particular make and breed of horse will have a strong bearing on its dietary requirements and what you will need to provide it with in terms of good nutrition. A shire-horse will obviously need a different diet to a miniature horse. Good horse fodder is essential and unless you are familiar with your animal’s feeding requirements already, you will need to do your research.

Another important factor to bear in mind is not only what the breed type, but also what their lives and routine involve. Are they working horses, pets, or even racing horses. Do you show them, or are they simply work horses fir use around the farm? All of these are important questions to ask, as the answers to will help you figure out the appropriate and best diet to give your horse.

Once you are clear on all of the above aspects of your horse, you can then go about choosing the right type of horse feed. Buying horse feed is not as simple or straight forward as buying for a dog or a cat. Make sure you find a good and reliable horse-feed supplier that can make the right decisions about the best feed for your horse and can provide you with good advice on quantities per feed.

The different seasons in the year can have an effect on your horse’s body and as a result the food requirements. It may be necessary that you change the feed or vary what you are giving them as far as amounts go, at different times of the year. This is also a question that you should discuss with your vet. Get plenty of advice and ensure you are doing what is right for your horse’s health at all times.

Finally, like any well loved animal you are likely to want to treat your horse to the odd snack now and again as a reward – particularly during training times. It is also important that you give them the right type of snack Talk to your vet about what type of snack is appropriate for your horse and keep a good supply of the snacks that you know your horse loves on hand.

By Garnett Johnston

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