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Choosing A Bird Cage – Size Does Matter

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By Terry Edwards

Having a pet bird certainly provides a great deal of enjoyment in our daily lives. Listening to them chirp and sing is a lot of fun for those who love birds. Along with having a pet bird comes the need in having a good quality bird cage.

While you will find all types of bird cages made from everything from plastic to bamboo, the most important aspect will always be having the right size of cage for your pet bird. Here are some tips to help in selecting the best bird cage.

1. Where will you keep the bird cage?

Knowing where you will be keeping the cage in your home will help in knowing how big it should be. You shouldn’t keep it in direct sunlight throughout the day or right next to an ac/heating vent.

2. What size is your bird?

Knowing where your bird cage will be in your home will let you know how big it can be. Now you can select a pet bird. Parakeets, finches and canary’s can all be housed in smaller bird cages without concern over space.

Larger birds such as parrots will require much larger cages to have the extra room they need to move around.

Why is size so important? Birds do not like to be in small, restricted spaces. They become unhappy when they can not at least be able to spread their wings out and walk around. No different than how you would feel being cooped up.

3. Buy a good quality bird cage

Instead of cheap plastic, buy a good steel or wooden bird cage. Keep in mind that steel is much easier to maintain than wood, but both can provide durability and life.

Add some toys in the cage to let your bird play and have fun. Don’t forget perches and food trays.

Keep these tips in mind when purchasing your bird cage and you both will be very happy with the results.

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