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Taking Care of a Pet Rabbit

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By Barry Mcgee Most of us are probably familiar with the quintessential image of the rabbit-a fluffy, cuddly white bunny delivered into the arms of delighted children on Easter morning, surrounded by sweets and colored eggs. Unfortunately, this picture-perfect holiday symbol that has placed many a pet rabbit into a less-than-ideal situation. Taking care of […]

Caring For Your First Rabbit

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by Katelyn Thomas Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets for first time pet owners. In fact, many domestic rabbits are meant to be kept indoors. Domestic rabbits are not like their wild cousins; they do not fair well in extreme temperatures. They also do not react well to predators. Domestic rabbits are very attentive and affectionate. […]

Things to Think About Before Acquiring a Rabbit

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by Hagar Lagarto Rabbits have been popularly kept as pets in Western nations since the 1800s. Rabbits can adjust well to indoor life, and can even be litter box trained. Like all pets, rabbits need a considerable amount of care and attention. Often people purchase rabbits from a breeder. Many people prefer breeders under suspicion […]

Rabbits Diet: Is your rabbit eating right?

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by Hagar Lagarto The typical diet for a pet rabbit consists of water, hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, and its own caecal pellets. Fruit and other treats are given only in very limited quantities, as they can cause obesity in a rabbit. Rabbits require a constant water supply as they dehydrate quickly. Most sources recommend 80% […]

Getting Ready For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit

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By Andrea Austin How To Teach Your Children The Proper Care For Your Pet Rabbit! Children are naturally innately drawn to cute, cuddle-y little creatures, and they will probably want to pick up, stroke and play with your new pet rabbit. But while this may be tempting, it’s potentially quite dangerous — both to the […]