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Things To Know Before Breeding Your Cat

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Before you ever consider breeding, you must first pick the right breed for your family. The population of cats is the United States alone is unbelievable. About all experts will tell you that you should spay your cat rather than breed it. Regardless what experts have to say, several people prefer to have a litter […]

CFA – Cat Fancier’s Association, The Largest Purebred Feline Registry

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By Moses Wright For those in the know, the initials CFA are very important when they are looking for a cat. The initials CFA represent the Cat Fancier’s Association. For cats to be proclaimed as a pedigree, they must be certified by CFA. CFA is the largest association for the registry of purebred felines and […]

Sphynx – The Facts Every Owner of this Cat Breed Should Know

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By Robert Benjamin In 1966 in Canada, a Domestic Shorthair gave birth to a liter of kittens with a naturally occurring mutation of hairlessness. This liter became the ancestors of today’s Sphynx, created through inbreeding and crossbreeding over time. Interestingly, the same genetic mutation that causes hairlessness in a Sphynx is the same mutation that […]