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Children And Snakes

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If you’ve ever been to your local pet store then no doubt you’ve seen a snake or two for sale. Usually they are unhealthy, overly expensive, and not well cared for. Which would make most of us walk away without a second glance, but kids are different. They see a snake and they want the […]

What Every Dog Owner Ought to Know About Holiday Safety

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By Jennifer Koretsky The Christmas holidays are fast approaching! While you’re busy decorating and preparing your home for guests, here are a few important tips to keep your dog safe this season. The Christmas Tree Tinsel, small ornaments, and ornament hooks are major choking hazards for dogs. It’s best to avoid tinsel altogether and keep […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Hot Sun

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Summer is generally the time to have fun with your family and enjoy many activities together. Days are usually longer than usual and the children are out on vacation. The downside to this fun is that summer also ushers in a season of heat stroke, sunburn and exhaustion. This can threaten your family as well […]

10 Ways Horses Build Character in Children

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by Sean Russell 1. Learn Responsibility – Horses will teach your child responsibility very quickly. Make sure that your child does all the work involved in caring for the horse. Everything from feeding, cleaning stalls, grooming, saddling and riding. Children will want to ride but they may not always be eager to do the work. […]

Your Child Brought Home A Dog

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by Jonathon Hardcastle Although growing up you were fortunate to have a pet friend, its loss did make you suffer greatly and you decided not to risk exposing your kids to the same experience of them having to cope one day with the loss of their animal friend. But, life always finds a way to […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Children

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by Gerry Ronson Dogs require a lot of attention and some dogs can be extremely sensitive, which means they are not always best for small or young children. When you have children who want a pet there are several things you should consider. Below is a list of dog breeds that do well with children […]

Choosing The Best Pets For Kids

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By Larry Chamberlain “Can I have a puppy? Please, oh please, I’ll take care of it and look after it and everything.” Just what do you say to your kids when they ask for a pet? It is perfectly true that growing up with a family pet can teach children responsibility and to develop their […]

Helping Children Deal with Pet Loss

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By Cynthia Clark Grief is the normal and natural reaction when a pet has died. Everyone, including children perceives loss differently. Grief is a very personal and unique experience. One of the most difficult tasks for grieving children is to learn how to incorporate the death of a pet into their life and to figure […]

Getting Ready For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit

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By Andrea Austin How To Teach Your Children The Proper Care For Your Pet Rabbit! Children are naturally innately drawn to cute, cuddle-y little creatures, and they will probably want to pick up, stroke and play with your new pet rabbit. But while this may be tempting, it’s potentially quite dangerous — both to the […]

Scrapbooking Pet Page Ideas for a Unique Pet Album

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By Christine Perry Our pets are part of our families and our memories. Whether they are dogs, cats, hamsters or rabbits, they enrich our lives. Creating a pet-themed scrapbook album will preserve the special moments you share with them. Consider these scrapbooking pet page ideas to make an album just for your pet photos. Everyone […]

Good Dogs for Children

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The big day has finally arrived, a new member of the family will be joining your ranks. When you bring the little one home, you want to know you have made the right decision, are they going to fit in well with the other family members, will they be kind to everyone, will they be […]

Taking Care of A Black Labrador Puppy

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By Denise Duncan It is a joyful event when a family brings home a new puppy. Deciding what kind of dog to bring home can be extremely difficult. The Labrador retriever has been known to be a very good choice as a family dog. When considering what kind of puppy to get, a black Labrador […]