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Including Pets In Your Holiday Plans

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November and December is a busy time of year. There are holidays to prepare for. There are gifts to shop for, guests to invite over, travel to be done, even one evening of dinner and socializing can be a lot more activity than a night the during rest of the year. Amid all the activity, […]

Choosing a Good Pet Travel Carrier – What to Look For – And Getting Your Pet Ready For It

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By Simon Harris You would think that choosing a pet travel carrier would be a relatively simple matter — until you begin to shop around a bit online and learn about all the different types and models that are available. With all of the various features and different design elements, it is easy to become […]

Adventure Travel With Dogs

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By Debbie Price Have you ever taken your dog on a camping trip? Have you ever spent a lazy afternoon floating down the river with Fido by your side? How about an overnight hiking and camping trip? I have three dogs that seem to know long before we even start bringing the camping bags out […]

Camping with Your Dogs – Ten Commandments

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by julee In the U.S. alone, more than 30 million people each year take their pets with them while camping. Yet, when we first started RV-ing with our dogs, we were unable to find much written on the subject. Sure, there were the occasional articles in magazines that reminded us to use pet ID tags, […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -II

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Continuation of Part I of the article by Nedda Wittels: “While Traveling” Technique Each day while traveling, you can communicate with your animal friends, sending love, reassurance, and updates (mental postcards) about your trip. You will probably find this is a relaxing moment for yourself. Your animals will appreciate your daily contact. * Lie on […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -I

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Does your cat ignore you for the first 24 hours after you return from a trip? Does your dog or bird stop eating while you are gone? Do animals that normally get along begin to fight? Do they start to get upset when your suitcase comes out? Do you worry about them when you have […]

Dog Air Travel – Tips for Traveling by Airplane With Your Lovable Dog

February 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

By John Hinkley Luckily for dog owners, these animals travel by air better than cats. If the dog is accustomed to car travel, then air travel shouldn’t be a problem at all. Use the following dog air travel tips for safe and pleasant airplane travel with your best furry friend. Certify Your Dogs Health before […]

Traveling Cats

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Cats are finicky by nature and they can get quite attached to their surroundings. Do you ever wonder why your cat suddenly does a vanishing act when you bring his carrier out? First of all your furry feline probably senses that this is going to end up to be another trip to the family vet. […]

Train Your Cat For Vacations

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When you are going on a vacation or taking your cat out for a length of time you will want to have the cat trained to ride in a car or vehicle so that the cat is not jumping all over and over the seats. Purchasing a pet carrier will be the first thing that […]