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The Business of Horses – How Much is a Pedigree Worth?

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Often we hear from a seller that his horse has so and so in its background and that the horse is worth more money because of that. But is that really true? All horses come with a pedigree, whether they are good or bad but when we sell that animal, who is on that pedigree […]

Things To Think About When Caring For Your Horse

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THE SIMPLE PLEASURE OF FEEDING Food is one of the simplest and greatest pleasures of our horses, so make sure that your horse always has all the food requirements that he/she needs. There are three types of food that your horse may eat. Pasture is the favorite meal of all horses, supplying needed nutrients, roughage […]

Horseback Riding Tips – The 5 Fundamental Horseback Riding Tips Every Horse Rider Should Know

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There are always some kind of hints or tricks that can make something that might seem so difficult end up seeming so easy. There are gardening tips for those with a black thumb, there are cooking tips for those who aspire to have their family not run when you say that dinner is ready and […]

Choosing The Right Diet For Your Horse

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If you’re a horse owner you will realise that keeping such animals can be an expensive proposition. You will therefore want to ensure that your horse is well looked after. It is essential that you are providing your horse with all of the nutrition it needs to promote both good growth and healthy development. For […]

Best Horse Toys – Ways To Alleviate Boredom In Stall Bound Horses

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Horse toys are important for horses confined to their stalls for long periods of time. It prevents the restless equine from picking up bad habits out of boredom Bad habits are difficult to break. They can cause great distress for: • The horse owner • the boarding stable owner • and the horse Below are […]

10 Ways Horses Build Character in Children

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by Sean Russell 1. Learn Responsibility – Horses will teach your child responsibility very quickly. Make sure that your child does all the work involved in caring for the horse. Everything from feeding, cleaning stalls, grooming, saddling and riding. Children will want to ride but they may not always be eager to do the work. […]

Selecting A Horse – Choose The Breed Carefully

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by Lynn Walls Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. Just like owning any pet, you should put a great deal of thought and consideration before you decide to purchase an equine. Since most individuals will have to house horses off their property, you should first consider finding a suitable stable before you purchase a […]

How to Help Someone Mourning the Death of a Pet

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Have you ever witnessed a friend or neighbor distraught over the death of a pet? If you have never owned a pet, or considered having one, were you surprised to see someone crying? Actually, such a response is just as normal as when a close friend or loved one dies. Here’s what you should know […]

Horses – What is Good Conformation?

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By Ron Petracek Conformation – the way a horse is put together – will determine not only how sound a horse remains throughout his life, but will also determine to what extent he will excel at his particular discipline. While some points of conformation vary with the type of horse and what job he is […]

Alternative Therapies for the Horse

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By Ron Petracek It is not uncommon that trends in veterinary medicine to mirror trends in human medicine. To that end, it’s not surprising that alternative medicine is being used more frequently on sick and injured horses. Instead of prescribing the latest wonder drug, some veterinarians are instead prescribing a little hands-on healing in the […]

Horse training – Harmonic Resonance Video

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Oh, I thought that your horse lovers would get a kick out of this fabo video. It shows a rider with fabulous gaits, gorgeous mover, great mind. This video definitely a training video: Ready to show Training Level and schooling First Level.

Does Your Horse’s Saddle Fit?

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Is your horse exhibiting uncharacteristic performance or behavior issues? Well then, check his saddle. Badly fitting saddles account for a vast array of issues in the horse. Yet they often go undetected, either because people don’t recognize the signs and symptoms of an improperly fitting saddle, or because they have no idea how to fix […]

How To Prevent And Treat A Hoof Crack

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For any horse hobbyist and anyone who is a caregiver of horses, hoof crack can be a very serious problem if it is not handled properly. What I have seen here in my country, the problem of hoof cracks have been decreased among trotters, because the training and racing circumstances are better for horses nowadays. […]