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Iguana Care

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Iguanas are probably the most popular lizard kept as a pet today. Many pet stores tell people that they are very easy to care for, but this isn’t true. They actually have very strict care requirements. They also can grow to be extremely large! Many get baby iguanas not realizing how large they get. They […]

Ferret Food – The Pros and Cons of a Raw Diet

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By Catherine Smith The lack of truly ideal ferret foods is one reason there is growing interest in more natural diets for ferrets. Basic Feeding Rules Ferrets have unique feeding requirements, which are now finally being addressed by commercial pet food manufacturers, though with varying success. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, and food passes through the […]

Children And Snakes

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If you’ve ever been to your local pet store then no doubt you’ve seen a snake or two for sale. Usually they are unhealthy, overly expensive, and not well cared for. Which would make most of us walk away without a second glance, but kids are different. They see a snake and they want the […]

Recreate Nature With A Reef Aquarium!

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Let us clarify that the end effect is extremely attractive but achieving this may be a Herculean task! Still many try to delve into the reef aquarium design and successfully bring the “down under” continent’s remarkable features to their homes be it anywhere in the rest of the four continents! How does one create a […]

Iguana Cage Hot Spots – How To Create A Basking Area In Your Iguana Cage

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A Guide To Lighting, Equipment, And Safety For Your Basking Area Every iguana cage needs a basking area in order to be an ideal habitat for a healthy, relaxed iguana. Your iguana needs a place to comfortably bask in light and heat, and soak up the heat. Having access to a warm basking spot is […]

6 Unique Apartment Pets

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Nothing makes apartment living fun like a playful pet. Fido and Felix bring a number of new elements to an apartment other than the additional smell. On any given day pets add companionship, humor, personality, and tons of fun to even the most monotonous dwellings. Although dogs and cats lead the pack of domesticated pals […]

A Different Kind of Pet – An Introduction to Chinchillas

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By Kit Marsters When choosing a family pet, many people automatically think of a cat or a dog. Those who do not enjoy having a pet running around the house all day, might think of rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters. But if you want a different kind of furry friend, I suggest looking into adding […]

Reptiles and Salmonella

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I’ll bet you didn’t know that lizards and turtles can carry harmful bacteria called Salmonella. I love reptiles and I bet you do too (or you probably would not be reading this article!). You may have noticed that reptiles are becoming more and more popular as family pets. Reptiles such as turtles, iguanas, snakes, geckos, […]

Pet Toad Care

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There is perhaps no other creature that has been so mythologized, feared, and misunderstood as the toad. Indeed, the toad has long been associated with black magic, poison, and death. At the same time, however, toads have been considered symbols of fertility, love, and health by alchemists, gypsies, and all manner of ancient peoples. In […]

Hermit Crabs – Helpful Tips for Care

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By Tonia Jordan First, remove from your mind the idea that these creatures are very low maintenance. It’s not that they require a huge amount of your time, but they do require weekly bathing, new food every few days, new water every day, heat, and a regularly cleaned environment. Habitat: A hermit crab will be […]

How to Care for a Ferret

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By Barry Mcgee If you’ve ever watched the antics and acrobatics of a sleek, agile ferret at the pet store or at a friend’s home, then you’ll understand why ferrets hold that status as some of the most amusing and entertaining pets available today. With all that energy, though, comes a pet that can prove […]

What is that? It’s a ferret.

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by Jim Worthington Ferrets can be extremely lovable pets. They just have that adorable face that makes you smile. Ferrets are so lovable, people of the world have been making them their pets going as far back as the ancient Greeks. Perhaps Socrates even had one. Even better, ferrets make great gifts to love ones; […]

Pet Turtle Care

July 13, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

By Barry Mcgee Keeping a turtle as a pet has come a long way from the plastic palm tree set-ups of old. From the common box turtle to the less-common Ornate Wood Turtle to the extremely rare albino soft shell, there’s a turtle for every lifestyle, budget, and personality. Turtles make fascinating, peaceful pets, but […]

Bathing Guinea Pig

June 24, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

By Bosun Sogeke Normally, guinea pigs are clean, and if you do not clean their cages regularly, they will possess that aroma that is lovely and familiar. What would help is bathing your pet and keeping their skin and hair healthy. Some people bath their guinea pigs every 3 or sometimes 4 months. This will […]

Exotic Pet: Hyppo

January 20, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

A delightful video on a hyppo as ‘pet’ or even called ‘daughter’. A truly remarkable story from Africa – enjoy!

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