Sunday, September 26, 2021

Best Cat Toys

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Before you get your new cat, there are a lot of things to think about. And more important than you think is figuring out how to select cat toys.   How to choose the toys for your cat depends on your goals.  Toys for cats girls and boys are the same. And toys for cats more […]

Best Horse Toys – Ways To Alleviate Boredom In Stall Bound Horses

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Horse toys are important for horses confined to their stalls for long periods of time. It prevents the restless equine from picking up bad habits out of boredom Bad habits are difficult to break. They can cause great distress for: • The horse owner • the boarding stable owner • and the horse Below are […]

Choosing The Right Toys To Keep Your Pet Bird Happy And Healthy

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By Stacy Richford Many birds become very unhappy rather quickly due to the boredom of sitting in an empty cage. Birds have very active minds and strong beaks they need to work out in order to help keep them occupied and happy. Boredom is one of the reasons why many birds become pluckers and pull […]

Must Have Cage Items For A Happy Hamster

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No matter what kind of cage you choose for your hamster, be it a wire cage, plastic cage, or an aquarium, there are certain things that you must put in the cage in order to keep you hamster happy and stress free. Hamsters are extremely susceptible to stress so it’s important you do all you […]