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Cat Training: Teach Kitty To Use The Litter Box

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Cat Training: Teach Kitty To Use The Litter Box

Pets are a wonderful way to add joy and love to your household. Many people have pets and consider them an important addition to their family. There are many pets to chose from, anywhere from fish to horses. Some people prefer small pets like gerbils, hamsters or turtles. The most popular pets by far are of course dogs and cats.

cats gravel - photo by Michal Zacharzewsk

When you become a pet owner, you must take its training seriously. A young dog takes a lot of patience. He must be taught to sit down, to stay in place, and to come to you. He must also be taught not to urinate in the house. Owning a cat is far simpler, but that doesn’t say that kittens require no training.

Training your cat is important to being a kitten owner. Kittens will scratch, climb, and chew on furniture. An untrained cat will eat houseplants and bite others. Training a kitten to use a litter box is usually fairly simple. Once in their new home, most kittens need to be shown their box a few times. A kitten’s mother will often teach a young cat how to use the box. She also teaches her kittens how to clean themselves.

A different degree of training is necessary where a kitten was removed from its mother before it was sufficiently mature. If the kitten urinates on the floor, you should introduce it to the litter box more frequently. Be sure to keep an eye on your houseplants as well, since a kitten sometimes decides a plant is the proper location if it can’t locate its litter box.

If you have a particularly young cat, you might want to have a few spare litter boxes around. Kittens are like small children. If they are involved with playing, they might not make it to a box in time. They might have an accident. If you have numerous cats, it is normal for them to not want to share their litter box. If your previously trained cat suddenly starts avoiding its litter box, you might discover it does not want to share with the new kitten.

One of the most important steps in cat training is to teach a cat to respond to his name, since cats, unlike dogs, do not naturally respond to their name. This does not mean that cats are stupid, however. Cats are quite different from dogs in their temperament. While dogs are naturally obedient, cats just do what pleases them.

Training a kitten can be difficult, but is also very important. It is normal for your kitten to exhibit some bad behavior if it is not trained or new to your home, and training may be required from an early age. Make sure to introduce the kitten to its litter box.

By Kathrynn Kelley

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