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Bringing Home an Adult Japanese Chin

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By Jason Beachy

Adopting an adult Japanese chin is quite different from adopting a puppy. An adult dog may have a harder time adapting to your style of living depending on his previous treatment and social life. Japanese chins are by nature a very loyal pet and with firm rules and lots of love and attention, even the most difficult will become an excellent companion. For an adult dog to become truly yours it may take six months to a year. It will vary according to each dog’s social life with his previous owner, but don’t expect much before six months.

When you first bring your new pet home keep him fenced or leashed for the first few months. Take him on frequent walks during this time, in as many directions as you can. Regular walks are an excellent way to bond with your dog and always returning to the same place will get him used to his new home.

Training an adult Japanese chin is not very different from training a puppy. If your adult dog has been trained you will find it much easier to adapt him to his new home. If not, you’re going to have a much harder time. Always ask the breeder or adoption shelter what the extent of the dog’s training has been.


For the first month keep your dog on a leash when he is inside the house. Let him run around outside in your yard unleashed, but inside keep him on a lead and if possible close to you. Make his bed and/or pen clean and comfortable with enough food and water.

After the first month, you should begin to let him off his leash for short amounts of time inside the house. Let him out frequently until he can begin to tell you when and how often he needs to go out. It varies with every dog and depends on his previous training. Some may be dependable from the first week and others may take several months.

Every house dog should have their own bed and preferably a pen around it. This way you can leave him inside if he’s going to be alone for a few hours. Until he’s house trained and has a way to go outside if he needs to, your pet should not be allowed to roam around inside your house.

With their lovable, loyal nature the Japanese chin is a delightful pet. To find out more about the Japanese chin and for available puppies visit

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