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Boston Terrier Dog – Five Reasons To Get One

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By Abhik Sarkar

If you are mulling over getting a Boston Terrier dog, but are unsure if it is the best choice for you and your family, then this article will expose five reasons to help make a decision.

While all too often dog lovers decide to get a breed based more on the look of the breed, it is not what should ultimately decide which one you get.

Although you may have already fallen in love with the Boston Terrier dog, here are five reasons why it could be the perfect four- legged companion for you:

A bundle of energy – If you are looking for a dog that just drags himself lazily around the house like a sleepy mop, then the Boston Terrier is definitely NOT for you! They are predisposed to being very active, lively and playful and thrive on being busy.

A true socialite – They are not called the “American Gentleman of Dogs” for nothing. If you use the right methods of training, Boston Terriers are very social and prove to be great entertainers for everyone around them. If you have any other pets, canine or non-canine, or have children in the house they prove to be safe and friendly with their diverse surroundings. A true family companion.


Grooming nightmares – Well, there are none to speak off! Due to their very short and shiny coat not only do you not have to groom frequently, you will avoid the frustration of having shedding and having to clean up the hair from your furniture and carpets.

The empty house – Are you or family away from home for large parts of the day? If yes, then I would strongly advise you to avoid getting this breed. One of the main reasons that they have increased in popularity is because they love and thrive on human company and lots of it. They don’t just love being with people, but need to do so. Therefore, if leaving him/her alone at home for long periods is a distinct possibility, then you should refrain from getting one.

Woof Woof – If incessant barking drives you up the wall, then you are in luck. The Boston Terrier dog while it does bark when he’s alerted to something unusual at night, are generally very quiet and don’t create much noise. They are a quiet bundle of energy, you and your family will enjoy.

The above five reasons should help you and your family make the right decision when choosing a companion that is right for your home.

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