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Bird Basics “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A A Bird Owner?”

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There are many things to consider when owning a pet bird. Do you have enough room? Do you have enough patience? Is our house set up to have a bird? If not , are you willing to invest in what it takes to have a home that’s “bird safe”?. Do you have the time it takes to care for a bird? Do you know what kind of bird you want? Are you ready for a long-term commitment?

These are the most important questions you should ask yourself BEFORE considering owning a bird as a pet. Birds live a long time, depending on the type some live over 20yrs. Birds require a lot of interaction and stimulation. If you don’t have the life style that would be conducive to having a bird as a pet then stop right here! YOU must adapt yourself to the bird, and not expect the bird to adapt itself to you!

Not only having a home that is bird suitable, but having a home that has an appropriate place for a cage is very important. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a suitable cage. Depending on the type of bird will be the factor in the size and placement of the bird cage. Cages can be very costly, the bigger the bird the bigger the cage. Certain bird types need different types of feeders,waters, and toys. Yes, toys, boredom is one of the birds biggest stresses. Boredom can causes many problems in birds, feather plucking, depression and behavior problems.

Being a bird owner is not to be taken lightly. I would rather you find out now then to realize this after investing in everything to have a bird as pet. There isn’t much of a market for getting rid of previously owned birds. Having a bird as a pet can be very rewarding,but only if you are willing to educate yourself on being the best bird owner possible.

Birds are very entertaining and very smart animals, some types can be taught to speak, they can be house broken, and taught to do tricks. Once again it takes a very committed person to own a bird. They are not just play things that can be put away when your tired of playing with them. Owning other pets, having them in the same environment as the birds not a good idea, nothing against cats but cats can cause pet birds a lot of strife. A scratch from a cat can cause a type of bacteria to enter into the birds blood stream and kill just as quick as if the cat had just attacked it.

Birds can very easily get their beaks caught in things,that is why not only having a bird safe home important, but having a cage that is safe too. Birds are allergic to many different types of plants, cleaning solutions, cooking utensils and smoke. As you see it’s quite extensive the amount of knowledge needed BEFORE getting a bird as a pet.

By Nancy Mcdaniel

Nancy McDaniel is a lover and bird owner, she writes on this subject and other related issues. You can learn more by visiting my blog

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