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Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet for Your Dog

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More and more people are choosing a vegetarian diet for their dogs. While you might expect that this choice is just about the person behind the dog and their beliefs about vegetarianism, in fact there are some benefits to a vegetarian diet for your dog. Some people who ate meat themselves even find themselves feeding their dogs vegetarian diets for health reasons. Others may have significant concerns about the poor quality of animal products in many commercially produced, meat based pet foods and want to avoid feeding their pets bi-products of the meat industry.

Dogs are naturally omnivorous. They do require a high protein diet, but will thrive on one that relies on vegetarian protein sources. Legumes of all sorts, as well as whole grains, can provide your dog with a healthy source of protein. If you are comfortable feeding your dog cheeses and other dairy products, as well as eggs, maintaining your dogs good health on vegetarian meals will be easy. Most vegetables are well tolerated by dogs, and you can choose between making your own vegetarian dog food and buying commercial dog food. Dogs are not generally particular about their food; however, as with any feeding change with your pet, a gradual transition is preferable.

One of the big benefits of feeding your dog a non meat diet is your own comfort. If you eat vegetarian yourself, you may feel uncomfortable purchasing meat based dog food, and supporting the slaughterhouse industry. While your dogs health and well being is certainly your first priority, dogs can and do eat vegetarian. You can feel comfortable and confident that your dog will thrive and be healthy on vegetarian food. If a holistic veterinarian is available in your area, they may be able to offer suggestions and guidance about the benefits of a vegetarian diet for your dog.

Some people may choose a vegetarian diet for their dog to avoid the poor quality meat bi-products in many dog foods. One does not need to be a veterinarian to know that meat bi-products, including rendered meat products, are not a high quality food source. Rendered slaughterhouse waste is often found in pet foods under the labels of bi-products or meal. While high quality meat based pet foods are available, they may be hard to find and expensive. You may not wish to cook or serve raw meat based foods to your dog, so the benefits of this type of diet for your dog quickly become clear.

More dogs than you might expect suffer from food allergies. Some dogs may require a special diet if they are allergic to meat products. Meat products may make them have issues with skin irritation and itching, stomach problems or other health concerns. Many dogs do not tolerate poultry products well and avoiding poultry meal and bi-products in your dogs commercial food can be quite difficult. A vegetarian diet will solve those concerns, and allow you to avoid your pets allergens. You may not be surprised then that at least some allergy free dog foods on the market are vegetarian for just this reason.

Whether you choose to feed your dog a vegetarian diet for their health or your own comfort, you can know that they will be healthy and feel good eating vegetarian. Some of the benefits humans enjoy from a this type of diet are also relevant benefits for your dog. With recent scares about poor quality pet foods, there is no time like today to protect your dogs health with a vegetarian diet for your newly vegetarian dog.

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