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Be a Responsible Dog Owner: How to Avoid Dog Bites

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The onset of a dog bite or attack brings harmful consequences to your family. If your dog bites someone, you may be forced to pay for injuries cause by the bite or even defend yourself against a lawsuit. Your property insurance bill may also increase which affects your household budget. Some neighborhoods have even drafted ordinances to prevent future attacks. This can form an uncomfortable relationship with your neighbors.

The cascading and catastrophic events that can come with a dog bite can be avoided. The dog owner simply needs to understand why dog bites occur, and avoid them. Some dogs attack because they are protecting their territory or because they are afraid and want to establish dominance. Some dogs pose indoor dangers because they perceive small children or infants as prey. Others have been taught by their owner that biting is an acceptable form of play. No matter the reason behind it, the result is the same – the dog bites.

There are four very simple steps that can be taken to keep your dog from biting someone.

Spay or neuter your dog
Dogs that are spayed or neutered are three times less likely to bite. It also reduces his or her desire to roam and fight with other dogs.

Make your dog sociable
Introducing your dog to many different people and situations allows your dog to get used to being in various environments. This will help prevent them from feeling frightened, which is a leading cause of bite.

Have your dog trained
Well trained dogs are trained to listen and obey their owner’s command at home, and even in unfamiliar situations. Only you can teach your dog how to behave in your home, so be sure that you participate in the training of your dog. Training is also a good way of socializing your dog.

Be a responsible dog owner
Remember to keep your dog’s vaccinations current and license your dog as required by law. Don’t allow your dog to roam – know where your dog is at all times. Dogs that spend a lot of time alone in the yard or tied often become dangerous. Spend time with your dog and you will both enjoy each other’s company.

Being a responsible dog owner not only means providing a loving and safe home for your pet. When hurt or scared, even “friendly” dogs may bite. Being a responsible owner also means protecting others from the actions of your pet.

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