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Amazing Cat Species

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Amazing cat species — Cats are the only domesticated species in the Felidae family.  They are often called “domestic cats’ First, to separate our ‘ordinary cats’ from the wild members of the family,. Today, ‘domestic cats refer to ordinary cats to separate them from purebred cats. First Domestication Cats have been popular pets for the longest of […]

Iguana Care

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Iguanas are probably the most popular lizard kept as a pet today. Many pet stores tell people that they are very easy to care for, but this isn’t true. They actually have very strict care requirements. They also can grow to be extremely large! Many get baby iguanas not realizing how large they get. They […]

How to Stop Cat Spraying

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Cat urine smell is one of the most powerful pet odors imaginable and if you have a cat that is spraying your house with this potent scent then you don’t have to imagine, you already know. Anytime your cat backs himself up to a door or other object in your home, lifts his tail, and […]

Things To Know Before Breeding Your Cat

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Before you ever consider breeding, you must first pick the right breed for your family. The population of cats is the United States alone is unbelievable. About all experts will tell you that you should spay your cat rather than breed it. Regardless what experts have to say, several people prefer to have a litter […]

Tips For Introducing Cats

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Tips for Introducing Cats A peaceful relationship between new and existing feline housemates requires time, patience and work. When you choose to add a new cat to your house, it’s generally more exiting for you and your family than it’s for the cat you already own. Though most cats are lonely by nature, most will […]

Abused Cats – Tips for Care

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Emotional damage is hard to repair. Goes for people, goes for cats. The thing to know about abused cats is that it may not at all look damaged on outside. No injury to be seen – the main damage they sustained may be on the inside, and be emotional. Even though physical damage is bad, […]

What’s a Cat Whisperer

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A Cat Whisperer is someone who tames and trains cats, heals emotional damage and assists an owner to a better relationship with his or her cat. They are successful with cats. But that definition is a sanitised version of what it can mean. Generally speaking, a cat whisperer is somewhat similar to a dog or […]

Taking Care Of Cats

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Owing a cat can be a very gratifying experience especially if you’ve done your homework and understand the tasks involved in having one as a pet. These days, cats are one of the most popular pet you may have. There are various breeds available, with the most popular being Persian and Siamese. Cats are a […]

Helping Your Cat Stay Healthy

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Helping Your Cat Stay Healthy The behavior of your feline pet is one of the most significant aspects in determining whether or not your feline pet is healthy. To keep your cat fit a majority of time, all you actually require to do is give him good protection, nutrient, and plenty of water. Like other […]

Litter Cleaning For Cats

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Litter Cleaning For Cats Cleaning a cat’s litter box is certainly not a glamorous task, but it is one that is necessary not only for your cat’s health, but also as encouragement for your cat to maintain his litter box habit. Almost everybody, adults and kids alike have a natural affection for cats. They’re loving, […]

Heartworm Treatment For Cats

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Heartworm Treatment For Cats Caused by Dirofilara immitis, heartworms are a potentially fatal parasitic worm living in the pulmonary arteries, lungs & hearts of cats. Heartworms are nematodes, a type of roundworm, they are several inches long, thin & white As most pet possessors already know, heartworm handling for cats and dogs isn’t the same. […]

Grooming Your Cat

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Grooming Your Cat Cats are famous for taking care of their own grooming, without needing encouragement from anyone else. Getting involved in your cat’s grooming, however, helps to strengthen the bond between you and provides a chance to check for any signs of ill health. Most cats get used to grooming – and enjoy it. […]

Great Gifts For Cat Lovers

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Great Gifts For Cat Lovers Personal pet preferences and safety concerns should be considered first when selecting presents for both pets and people who love them. There are a lot of great gifts that you may give to cat lovers, though photo frames are among the commonest. Pic frames are very inexpensive, and make a […]

Giving Your Cat A Pill

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Giving Your Cat A Pill Most cat owners have been faced with giving their cat a pill. Giving a cat a tablet may be a incubus. No cat wishes something stuffed down his throat, and he will fight you tooth and nail to prevent it. While most cats are small in size, you’d be quite […]

Dealing With Cat Allergies

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Dealing With Cat Allergies Like all allergic reactions, pet allergies are the result of an immune system reaction to a harmless substance; in this case, the reaction is to the proteins in pets’ dander (dead skin flakes) and possibly saliva and urine (it depends on the breed). Unlike other airborne allergens that come from unwanted […]

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