Thursday, September 23, 2021


The Website

cats_facing_eachother_Photo by Dominic Morel

Fine Pet is filled with tips and ideas on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, birds, fish, exotic pets, pet nutrition, pet health, adult and aging pets, small animal pets and more – for your use.

The People

The people behind this blog are a ‘husband and wife’-couple, who like to play like these guys here:
Beyond cats, we like all animals.

And for the records and to further the cause: Fine Pet believes in the ethical treatment of pets! We are against abuse of any kind, and try to foster a better understanding of the relationships between humans and pets. That’s the purpose of this blog.

Vera Lang & FJ

To offer quality content, we have been attracting quality content providers, who are specialists in their field.

Our Resident- Featured Writer

Marnie Allen is the owner and founder of P’AWesome Pet Sitting, a traveling pet care service, covering all of Canada.