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Tips For Introducing Cats

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Tips for Introducing Cats A peaceful relationship between new and existing feline housemates requires time, patience and work. When you choose to add a new cat to your house, it’s generally more exiting for you and your family than it’s for the cat you already own. Though most cats are lonely by nature, most will […]

Abused Cats – Tips for Care

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Emotional damage is hard to repair. Goes for people, goes for cats. The thing to know about abused cats is that it may not at all look damaged on outside. No injury to be seen – the main damage they sustained may be on the inside, and be emotional. Even though physical damage is bad, […]

What’s a Cat Whisperer

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A Cat Whisperer is someone who tames and trains cats, heals emotional damage and assists an owner to a better relationship with his or her cat. They are successful with cats. But that definition is a sanitised version of what it can mean. Generally speaking, a cat whisperer is somewhat similar to a dog or […]