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Children And Snakes

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If you’ve ever been to your local pet store then no doubt you’ve seen a snake or two for sale. Usually they are unhealthy, overly expensive, and not well cared for. Which would make most of us walk away without a second glance, but kids are different. They see a snake and they want the […]

Beautify Your Tropical Aquarium With Decorations

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When it is time to begin setting up your new tropical fish tank and embarking on your new hobby as a keeper of fish, one of the first areas that many people think about is the aquarium decoration. Embellishing your new fish aquarium with decorative touches is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it has some […]

Removal Of Fish From Your Aquarium

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By Richard Gilliland Removing dead fish is a very simple process actually, but you have to be sure the fish is really dead. Dead fish will temporarily sink to the bottom of the aquarium, but then soon enough, they will begin floating in the tank in the infamous belly-up position. This is the time when […]

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Are Good Choice for Beginners

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If you have come to the conclusion that you would like to set up a tropical fish aquarium for the enjoyment of yourself and your family, then you are probably in need of some directions in how to get started. If you have never had an aquarium before, then it is recommended to start out […]

Attracting More Birds During the Winter – 3 Easy Ways

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By Vicki Larsen Winter and cold weather has come to much of the country. You may not think of winter as a good time to watch birds, but I find it excellent bird watching weather. There things you can do to make their lives easier and your watching more enjoyable. It consists of three simple […]

Pet Care – How to Clean a Basic Fish Tank

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Cleaning a fish tank is a simple and straight forward task that should not take very long. The better care you provide for your tank, the healthier your fish will be. You should not have to remove all the stuff out of the tank when you clean it. Every surface in the tank will grow […]

Learn The Secrets Of Why Your Pet Won’t Eat

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Pets can sometimes be finicky when it comes to meal-time. Cats are especially known to be picky about their food. Sometimes your pet may have a raring appetite and may beg to be fed. Other times, they may simply glance at their dinner and choose to not eat. What is the cause of this inconsistent […]

Is Your Goldfish Suffering With Eyestrain?

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All that glitters is not goldfish friendly. Your goldfish may need protection from things you may not see. Goldfish have very well developed vision; in fact the optic lobe–the vision center–is the largest part of your goldfish’s brain. Though a little short sighted, they have an almost 360 degree view of the world because their […]

Maintain Tank Temperature With A Fish Tank Chiller

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As the name suggests, fish tank chillers are designed to keep the water in your fish tank cool in warmer climates. They are mainly used in marine aquariums where fish tend to be highly sensitive to temperature although fancy goldfish in tropical climes also benefit from the use of a fish tank chiller. An additional […]

How to Control Algae in Your Aquarium

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It is impossible to eliminate algae altogether, and you should not be frustrated by the persistent nature of algae to accumulate. What you can do is control the condition under which plant life and fish thrives and algae does not. First, how much light are you allowing into your tank area? If you have light […]

Recreate Nature With A Reef Aquarium!

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Let us clarify that the end effect is extremely attractive but achieving this may be a Herculean task! Still many try to delve into the reef aquarium design and successfully bring the “down under” continent’s remarkable features to their homes be it anywhere in the rest of the four continents! How does one create a […]

Fish Need Good Aquarium Lighting

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Mostly pet fish is kept indoors and in all probabilities where the ambiance is with low intensity or subdued lighting effects. Therefore the lighting is more important for your aquarium as you would like to make your pets most comfortable, capable of being admired, and maintain a healthy life span. Remember that this health aspect […]

A ‘So Happy’ Cat

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‘So happy’ So Happy, c.1958 Andy Warhol When I came across this lesser known artwork by Andy Warhol, I just had to share on this blog. Isn’t it super cute? I love the happy cat sounds around his head, .. ha ha.. It’s funny that I’d never seen it before – it’s one of Warhol’s […]

Pond Fish – Basic Care

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Fish. For most people the only thing they know about these scaly creatures is whether they taste better with lemon or tarter sauce. For Pond owners however, a little more information is needed. If you’re a new Pond owner who has just purchased, or are thinking about purchasing, Koi, goldfish or other pond fish you […]