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The Right Sized Aquarium – Which Size is Right For You

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The old adage that says, bigger is better holds true for aquariums. Greater water volume is always better when it comes to keeping live fish in a glass box. Although, it is not impossible to successfully keep fish in a small space, there is a greater margin of error with a larger tank. One thing […]

The Basic Tips to Keeping a Successful Saltwater Tank

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Water Quality -RO/DI The most important factor in any aquarium is water quality. Your tank lives and dies by the quality of water you provide. Doing frequent water changes (WC) will help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your fish and/or reef. Water changes should be done weekly or bi-weekly, and should consist […]

Purchasing Healthy Fish

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Fortunately, there are a few things you can look out for before making a purchase: Fins shouldn’t be drooping, especially the dorsal fin. A collapsed fin is a bad sign for most fish, although for some species this tip doesn’t apply. Puffers normally curl their tail against their body, while butterfly fish have erect dorsal […]

Interviewing a Pet Sitting Customer

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by Laura Parkin So you’re a pet sitter and someone has just called you to care for their pets. What’s the next step you may ask? The next step is to set-up a time for you to meet with them. I like to call this a pet sitting interview. I use the word interview because […]

The Business of Horses – How Much is a Pedigree Worth?

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Often we hear from a seller that his horse has so and so in its background and that the horse is worth more money because of that. But is that really true? All horses come with a pedigree, whether they are good or bad but when we sell that animal, who is on that pedigree […]

Things To Think About When Caring For Your Horse

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THE SIMPLE PLEASURE OF FEEDING Food is one of the simplest and greatest pleasures of our horses, so make sure that your horse always has all the food requirements that he/she needs. There are three types of food that your horse may eat. Pasture is the favorite meal of all horses, supplying needed nutrients, roughage […]

Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Holidays

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The holidays are a time to create and share memories, laugh and eat great food; however, there are many hidden dangers that are lurking around your home that can cause serious injury or even death for your four legged family members. Here’s a list of some common holiday dangers to look out for: Christmas Kitten […]

Horseback Riding Tips – The 5 Fundamental Horseback Riding Tips Every Horse Rider Should Know

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There are always some kind of hints or tricks that can make something that might seem so difficult end up seeming so easy. There are gardening tips for those with a black thumb, there are cooking tips for those who aspire to have their family not run when you say that dinner is ready and […]

Choosing The Right Diet For Your Horse

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If you’re a horse owner you will realise that keeping such animals can be an expensive proposition. You will therefore want to ensure that your horse is well looked after. It is essential that you are providing your horse with all of the nutrition it needs to promote both good growth and healthy development. For […]

Best Horse Toys – Ways To Alleviate Boredom In Stall Bound Horses

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Horse toys are important for horses confined to their stalls for long periods of time. It prevents the restless equine from picking up bad habits out of boredom Bad habits are difficult to break. They can cause great distress for: • The horse owner • the boarding stable owner • and the horse Below are […]

How To Set Up a Great Betta Fish Aquarium

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If you’re serious about your betta fish care then it’s important to set up a great betta aquarium. While your fish can live in a small bowl or jar it will do better and be happier with more space. The problem with setting up a fish tank is that a lot of people think that […]

Boston Terrier Dog – Five Reasons To Get One

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By Abhik Sarkar If you are mulling over getting a Boston Terrier dog, but are unsure if it is the best choice for you and your family, then this article will expose five reasons to help make a decision. While all too often dog lovers decide to get a breed based more on the look […]

Are You Getting A New Dog?

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Think about it first. 1) Why do you want a dog? It may be that you have recently lost a dog to illness or old age and she has left a blank space that you need to fill. If your children are now grown up and moved away, it may be that you need a […]