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How to Teach Your Parrot to Talk

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By Zevs Borealis The quickest and most effective way to teach your bird to speak is to understand how birds learn speech. If you utilize the bird’s natural inclinations and abilities, teaching your pet will be a much more enjoyable experience for both you and the bird. In the wild, parrots are most vocal during […]

Finding Pet Friendly Colleges and Universities

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By Darlene Berkel Here is good news for all college and university bound pet-loving students: pet friendly colleges and universities are on the increase. Presently, there are still many student accommodations that do not allow pets, but don’t despair. If you simply cannot bear the thought of leaving your beloved pet at home for months […]

Choosing The Right Toys To Keep Your Pet Bird Happy And Healthy

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By Stacy Richford Many birds become very unhappy rather quickly due to the boredom of sitting in an empty cage. Birds have very active minds and strong beaks they need to work out in order to help keep them occupied and happy. Boredom is one of the reasons why many birds become pluckers and pull […]

How to Care for a Ferret

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By Barry Mcgee If you’ve ever watched the antics and acrobatics of a sleek, agile ferret at the pet store or at a friend’s home, then you’ll understand why ferrets hold that status as some of the most amusing and entertaining pets available today. With all that energy, though, comes a pet that can prove […]

What is that? It’s a ferret.

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by Jim Worthington Ferrets can be extremely lovable pets. They just have that adorable face that makes you smile. Ferrets are so lovable, people of the world have been making them their pets going as far back as the ancient Greeks. Perhaps Socrates even had one. Even better, ferrets make great gifts to love ones; […]

Freshwater Tropical Fish-Mollies and Guppies

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By Lee Dobbins There is a large variety of freshwater tropical fish that you can add to your fish tank but my two favorites are Mollies and fancy guppies. These fish are livebearers meaning that instead of laying eggs, they give birth to a little tiny fish and they are, in fact, quite easy to […]

Taking Care of a Pet Rabbit

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By Barry Mcgee Most of us are probably familiar with the quintessential image of the rabbit-a fluffy, cuddly white bunny delivered into the arms of delighted children on Easter morning, surrounded by sweets and colored eggs. Unfortunately, this picture-perfect holiday symbol that has placed many a pet rabbit into a less-than-ideal situation. Taking care of […]

How To Setup A Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank

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by Mike Magnum This is an 11 step guide to setting up a freshwater aquarium in your home. Equipment you will need: Aquarium Aquarium gravel Aquarium filter Replacement filter media Heater Other decorations (such as plants) Chemical test kits Fish food Aquarium vacuum Fish net Glass Scrubber 5-gallon bucket Pasta strainer STEP 1: Realize the […]

Which Birds Make Good Pets?

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By Michael Russell Birds make great pets, but it requires making a good decision before you take on your new companion. A little knowledge before you make your choice can save you lots of headaches down the road and ensure that you and your new pet will get along just fine in the years to […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Hot Sun

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Summer is generally the time to have fun with your family and enjoy many activities together. Days are usually longer than usual and the children are out on vacation. The downside to this fun is that summer also ushers in a season of heat stroke, sunburn and exhaustion. This can threaten your family as well […]

Goldfish Feeding Tips

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By Dane Stanton What’s the best food for your Goldfish? Goldfish need food that is a combination of carbohydrates and vitamins to help them grow and fight disease. They particularly need vitamin A to make their colors look bright. They do need protein but just about 12% so that they can build muscle. In the […]

Including Pets In Your Holiday Plans

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November and December is a busy time of year. There are holidays to prepare for. There are gifts to shop for, guests to invite over, travel to be done, even one evening of dinner and socializing can be a lot more activity than a night the during rest of the year. Amid all the activity, […]