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Camping with Your Dogs – Ten Commandments

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by julee In the U.S. alone, more than 30 million people each year take their pets with them while camping. Yet, when we first started RV-ing with our dogs, we were unable to find much written on the subject. Sure, there were the occasional articles in magazines that reminded us to use pet ID tags, […]

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Older Cat

May 28, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

by Larry Chamberlain So, you read somewhere that introducing a new kitten into your home could be great for your existing cat, for companionship. And you remember how much fun your cat was when she was a new kitten, and you would love to re-live those days. It is generally thought that cats thrive better […]

How To Take Care Of Your Pet Parrot

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by Naldo Camarones Parrots make wonderful family pets because they are great companions, they are beautiful birds with colorful feathers and you can teach them to talk. But you must have a strong level of commitment to your parrot because he will need daily and weekly maintenance, as well as plenty of attention. What a […]

Would You Know What To Do If Your Puppy or Dog Fell Ill?

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by Niall Cinneide A pet relies on its owner to look after it. Sometimes a veterinarian is too far away when your puppy needs immediate attention. Would you be able to administer basic first aid if you needed to? It is up to you to be able to administer the first aid that your pet […]

Do Pets and Apartments Mix?

May 22, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

by Kyle Thomas Haley If you’re a pet owner who is considering a move to an apartment there are certain things you must be keep in mind. First, whether or not your pet will be accepted by most landlords depends primarily on the type, size and personality of your pet. Dogs: If you own a […]

Could Your Dog Be a Sports Star?

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by Niall Cinneide Dogs were traditionally working animals. They would have expected to be active all day, every day. However, in these modern days a dog’s life can often be confined to indoors and with very few physical activities. Dogs are animals that need exercise on a regular basis; in fact it should be daily. […]

Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?

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by Jack Russell Everyone is surely going to get excited when trying to adopt a dog. Truly a man’s best friend, you can rely on your pet dog in giving you company, cuddling up together and some can even guard your house. You need to review your personal lifestyle and needs when adopting a dog. […]

Selecting A Horse – Choose The Breed Carefully

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by Lynn Walls Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. Just like owning any pet, you should put a great deal of thought and consideration before you decide to purchase an equine. Since most individuals will have to house horses off their property, you should first consider finding a suitable stable before you purchase a […]

The Canister Filter – Any Use In A Saltwater Aquarium

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By Peter B. Cunningham The canister filter has been in use for decades. Freshwater aquarists were the first to make use of them and they still do. Then along came the marine aquarium and the canister filter was employed to support those to. Canister filters have been around for so long that they are now […]

The Goldfish Versus The Beta

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Both the goldfish and the beta are popular choices for pets, and both are believed to be a low maintenance pet. So, which makes the better pet? The goldfish is the most common pet in the world. It requires a tank, but never a just a small goldfish bowl or small container. Like all other […]

Pet Health: Top Three Reasons Why Your Dog Should See The Vet Today

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Veterinary care can be one of the most expensive things about having a dog these days, and while most pet owners know how important proper medical care is, dogs have a tendency to mask their medical problems until they are full-blown. Not only does this create a threat to the very existence of your four-legged […]

Feline Obesity and Your Cat’s Health

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By Darlene L. Norris Feline obesity creates serious health risks for your kitty friend. Carrying extra weight around overloads all his organ systems, which can lead to pain and disability, as well as an early death. There’s nothing funny about a fat cat. And nearly half the felines in the United States are considered obese. […]

The Proper Aquarium Fish Food Keeps Your Fish Healthy

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If you are thinking about setting up a tropical fish tank in your home so that you can enjoy the relaxing beauty of fish, it is a good idea to learn about the different factors that go into great aquariums. One of the essentials to any good tropical fish aquarium is the aquarium fish food […]

Must Have Cage Items For A Happy Hamster

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No matter what kind of cage you choose for your hamster, be it a wire cage, plastic cage, or an aquarium, there are certain things that you must put in the cage in order to keep you hamster happy and stress free. Hamsters are extremely susceptible to stress so it’s important you do all you […]

Dog Training – Recognizing, Preventing, And Handling Dog Aggression Part 3

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Continuation of part 3 of the article by Phil Donahoe: Continued from part 2 we continue our dog training examination of the causes dog aggression and what can be done to prevent and fix these dog training problems. All dogs have different handling thresholds. Some dogs like lots of cuddles, and are perfectly content to […]