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Dog Training – Recognizing, Preventing, And Handling Dog Aggression Part 2

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By Phil Donahoe Continued from part 1, this dog training article is dealing with dog aggression. Lets continue now and talk more about dog socialization. How can I socialize my dog so that he doesn’t develop a fear of strangers? Socializing your dog is pretty easy to do – it’s more of a general effort […]

Dog Training – Recognizing, Preventing, And Handling Dog Aggression Part 1

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A dog is an instinctively aggressive creature. In the wild, aggression came in very handy: dogs needed aggression to hunt, to defend themselves from other creatures, and to defend resources such as food, a place to sleep, and a mate. Selective breeding over the centuries has minimized and refined this trait significantly, but there’s just […]

Selecting a Labrador Puppy

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Labradors are one of the most well known and most popular choices for dog lovers across the nation. A Labrador puppy that is trained well will be a loyal and playful friend as well as a dependable hunter (if it is a retriever) for its owner. When choosing a Labrador, there are a lot of […]

Getting your dog to “walk nice”

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by Hope Saidel “Djoowannagwout?” If you don’t speak dog, that translates to “Do you want to go out?” It’s a phrase that every dog knows, every dog owner says, and is followed (generally speaking) by jumping for joy, wriggling with glee, and barking with boundless energy. Keeping the subsequent time as much fun is usually […]

Why Is Sand Such An Important Part Of Your Aquarium?

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Some people who keep aquariums do think that making a sand bed for the aquarium is a bit of a nuisance and in fact also harmful for the fish. These sands would not do well for your live plants in the aquarium too, and would be difficult to maintain. Because sand contains fine particles, people […]

Understanding Hamster Behavior

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Watching your hamster frolic around his cage can provide you with hours of enjoyment, but what exactly is he up to? Is he just playing, or do his actions have some other meaning associated with them. Hamsters are complicated little creatures and understanding a little more about why they do the things they do can […]

Pooch Fiction – The SE7EN Sinful Dog Food Ingredients To Avoid At All Cost

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Almost everyday, we see the images dog food manufacturers broadcasted through TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements extolling the virtues of buying their brands of dog food. Some dog food companies want us to believe their dog food brands can provide all the nutrition our companion will ever need. That is the fiction concocted by many […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -II

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Continuation of Part I of the article by Nedda Wittels: “While Traveling” Technique Each day while traveling, you can communicate with your animal friends, sending love, reassurance, and updates (mental postcards) about your trip. You will probably find this is a relaxing moment for yourself. Your animals will appreciate your daily contact. * Lie on […]

“While I’m Away” – When You Travel, and Your Animal Companions Stay Home -I

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Does your cat ignore you for the first 24 hours after you return from a trip? Does your dog or bird stop eating while you are gone? Do animals that normally get along begin to fight? Do they start to get upset when your suitcase comes out? Do you worry about them when you have […]

Common Health Problems Of Cats

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If you are new to owning a cat, you may be surprised to find that health problems are a common thing. No matter what breed of cat you own, health problems are to be expected. Some may be hereditary, while others can easily be prevented. Worms No matter what breed of cat it may be, […]

Maintain Tank Temperature With A Fish Tank Chiller

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As the name suggests, fish tank chillers are designed to keep the water in your fish tank cool in warmer climates. They are mainly used in marine aquariums where fish tend to be highly sensitive to temperature although fancy goldfish in tropical climes also benefit from the use of a fish tank chiller. An additional […]

Putting a Stop to Your Puppies Chewing and Nipping Habits

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by Joann Henry Dogs are naturally primitive creatures. Thankfully, they adapt easily and can be trained with little effort, making it possible to share our homes with our favorite four-legged friends and still maintain our standards of order and cleanliness. Teaching your puppy to behave properly is a huge responsibility and may seem much more […]

Kitten development and the importance of the “sensitive period”

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by ttilmo The development of a kitten can be quite a rapid one with them going through many different stages within a matter of weeks from birth. By recognizing these stages, we as cat owners will be able to provide for their needs and help them forward in their physical and emotional growth. Kittens are […]

Labradoodle Dog Breed

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by Gerry Ronson Training should be for both a lab and poodle since they are mixed. You should be able to combine sport activity along with obedience. Labradors tend to be very energetic and without proper training they will continue to be disobedient because they would rather play. The poodle in them can make them […]

An Honest Havanese Breeder Is A Quality Find

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For any dog lover, having a healthy pup means the world. But what happens when your pup comes from a puppy broker who is unconcerned with the health issues that can plague a certain breed? Havanese puppies are quickly gaining in popularity around the world for both dog lovers and competitors alike. Havanese breeders are […]