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Dog Training – Recognizing, Preventing, And Handling Dog Aggression Part 2

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By Phil Donahoe Continued from part 1, this dog training article is dealing with dog aggression. Lets continue now and talk more about dog socialization. How can I socialize my dog so that he doesn’t develop a fear of strangers? Socializing your dog is pretty easy to do – it’s more of a general effort […]

Exercise With Your Pet For Greater Health And Companionship

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As the holidays approach, a level of apprehension continually grows in each person’s mind: ‘how can I not gain weight this holiday season?’ people ask. ‘How can I quickly lose weight after the holidays?’ is another question that health-conscientious people have asked themselves each year. Weight gain is not only a problem for people during […]

Choosing A Pet ID

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By Elyse Grau Pet identification speaks for your pet when it cannot. Wearing an id tag will increase the chances of your dog or cat being returned to you. The most typical form of pet id is the simple collar tag. This is usually metal, but increasingly can be made of plastic or even paper. […]

Selecting Dog Toys Wisely

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If you haven’t realized it yet there has been a huge controversy this year with some children’s toys, and if you stop to think you will realize that dog toys are just as susceptible. Many of the dog toys sold in stores, especially in America have been made in China. This means that they can […]

What Your Need To Know About Your Pet And Home Renovation

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Jen Fortney Home renovations are exciting and new. However, it can be a time of stress, though all the hard work eventually pays off. If you have a pet, home renovations can become dangerous, as well as upsetting for your precious pooch. Here are a few helpful hints to keeping your dog safe and secure […]

Why treat training is not the most humane way to train a dog

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By Ty Brown I am a professional dog trainer. I make my living training dogs for clients, helping them solve behavior problems, and teaching their dogs obedience. I want to provide my clients the best service possible and as such I often check out what my competitors are doing in their dog training efforts. I […]

Tricks And Secrets To Keep Your Pet Comfortable During The Winter

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The cold winter months are fast approaching, if it hasn’t arrived already. Winter is the season for fun, family, the holidays, and cold weather. If you live in an area that has snow and ice, here are a few tips for caring for your pet during the cold winter months. First, protection for you pet’s […]

Quick Pet Guinea Pig Care Guide! Simple Tips For A Healthy Cavy!

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By Michael Porteous Guinea pig’s also known as Cavies are one of the gentlest, loving, clean and adorable pets you can care for. These timid creatures have grown in popularity over the last few years but not as much is known about pet guinea pig care as cats or dogs or fish which are more […]

Top 10 Pet Stories of the Year

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I stumbled upon this ‘top 10’ and just HAD TO feature it here on our blog. The article was written by Geri and featured on Here are the highlights of the article: 10) Shepherd Rescues Crash Victim by the Collar“A stray German Shepherd dragged a bloodied woman up to the highway, and let her […]

Exotic Pet: Hyppo

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A delightful video on a hyppo as ‘pet’ or even called ‘daughter’. A truly remarkable story from Africa – enjoy!

Bringing Home an Adult Japanese Chin

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By Jason Beachy Adopting an adult Japanese chin is quite different from adopting a puppy. An adult dog may have a harder time adapting to your style of living depending on his previous treatment and social life. Japanese chins are by nature a very loyal pet and with firm rules and lots of love and […]

Helping Children Deal with Pet Loss

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By Cynthia Clark Grief is the normal and natural reaction when a pet has died. Everyone, including children perceives loss differently. Grief is a very personal and unique experience. One of the most difficult tasks for grieving children is to learn how to incorporate the death of a pet into their life and to figure […]

Click Training Video: Even a Child Can Train Your Dog

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By Lorenzen Katia As odd as it may sound, the click training video in the field of dog training is not exactly for the dog; it’s for the dog trainer. Obviously, the dog won’t pop the video into the player and take down notes. This instructional material is for the trainers. And it is not […]

How to Choose a Dog Bed for a Large Dog

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By Caitlina Fuller Do you have a large dog and want to buy him a dog bed? If so there are some basic things you will need to know about buying a dog bed for a large dog. There are all kinds of designer dog beds on the market but that doesn’t necessarily make them […]

Steps to Choosing a Dependable Pet Sitter

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Choosing the right pet sitter to care for your animals while you’re away can be a very difficult decision. Reining Cats and Dogs, a Raleigh pet sitter is pleased to provide pet owners with a series of topics to research potential pet sitters to help in the pet sitter interview process. We encourage you to […]

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